The Consumers' Guide to Long Term Care Insurance

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AuthorHouse, Jan 23, 2004 - Business & Economics - 108 pages
Inspiration for the series of six novels, THE BIBLE OF THE ATOM OF LIFE.

1-Where do they go when they die*
2- Strongwater, the Legend *
3- The Second Universe*
4- The story of Siobh'an, Fatima, Kaaritha*
5- Altay or Disaster *
6- Banishment to Nothingness
7- The Last Oracle-pending.

The Bible claims we are of the Atoms. Formed as each merged with an attracted Atom. The same process as continues today. As we, each human, has an individual marking that makes us unique. This very same unique human knows there is one within, the individual within is the miracle of each human. This process started approximately Five Hundred Thousand Years ago. The Human entering upon the Universe had the individual identification and also the individual guide, the miracle. It also had choice.

It could accept the one within and give it a name. The name must never be spoken aloud or told to another. The identity was his or hers and the one Miracle was his or hers only.

The Human entered this Universe with one Color. It now had one Color and one identification and one Miracle. If the human was to be part of the story forever. It must never give away it's identification. It must never give it's Miracle away. It must never give it's Color away.

Humans spend their lifetime giving away the precious gifts they are born with. The most precious of all of the productions, of the Atom. THE MIND.

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