The Contraction of the Currency: An Argument ... Proving that the Circulating Medium of the Country Has Not Been Materially Diminished Since 1865

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Honest Money League of the Northwest, 1878 - Bonds - 64 pages

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Page 42 - ... lawful money and a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and private, within the United States, except duties on imports and interest as aforesaid.
Page 55 - An act to provide a National currency, secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof," approved June third, eighteen hundred and sixty-four.
Page 46 - ... dollars, at a rate of interest not exceeding five per centum per annum; and any amount so deposited may be withdrawn from deposit, at any time after ten days...
Page 44 - That the grants aforesaid are made upon condition that said company shall pay said bonds at maturity, and shall keep said railroad and telegraph line in repair and use. and shall at all times transmit dispatches over said telegraph line, and transport mails, troops, and munitions of war, supplies, and public stores upon said railroad for the Government, whenever required to do so by any department thereof, and that...
Page 21 - And said treasury notes may be made a legal tender to the same extent as United States notes, for their face value excluding interest...
Page 60 - ... revenues from time to time in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, and to issue, sell, and dispose of. at not less than par in coin, either of the descriptions of bonds of the United States described in the act of Congress approved July fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, entitled 'An act to authorize the refunding of the national debt...
Page 19 - ... nor shall the total amount of United States notes, issued or to be issued, ever exceed $400,000,000, and such additional sum, not exceeding $50,000,000, as may be temporarily required for the redemption of temporary loan...
Page 61 - The coin deposited for or representing the certificates shall be retained in the Treasury for the payment of the same on demand. Said certificates shall be receivable for customs, taxes, and all public dues, and, when so received, may be reissued.
Page 45 - States, coupon or registered, as may by said holder be desired, bearing interest at the rate of six per centum per annum, payable semi-annually, and redeemable at the pleasure of the United States after five years, and payable twenty years from the date thereof.
Page 50 - And all stocks, bonds, and other securities of the United States, held by individuals, corporations or associations, within the United States, shall be exempt from taxation by or under State authority.

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