The Correspondence of M. Tullius Cicero: Arranged According to Its Chronological Order; with a Revision of the Text, a Commentary, and Introductory Essays, Volume 5

Hodges, Figgis & Company, 1915

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Pagina xxviii - Alas! they had been friends in youth; But whispering tongues can poison truth; And constancy lives in realms above; And life is thorny; and youth is vain; And to be wroth with one we love Doth work like madness in the brain.
Pagina 21 - When I look upon the tombs of the great, every emotion of envy dies within me ; when I read the epitaphs of the beautiful, every inordinate desire goes out ; when I meet with the grief of parents upon a tombstone, my heart melts with compassion ; when I see the tomb of the parents themselves, I consider the vanity of grieving for those whom we must quickly follow.
Pagina 20 - Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities.
Pagina 20 - Malum; nisi hoc peius est, haec sufferre et perpeti. 4 Quae res mihi non mediocrem consolationem attulit, volo tibi commemorare, si forte eadem res tibi dolorem minuere possit. Ex Asia rediens cum ab Aegina Megaram versus navigarem, coepi regiones circumcirca prospicere. Post me erat Aegina, ante me Megara, dextra Piraeus, sinistra Corinthus, quae oppida quodam tempore florentissima fuerunt, nunc prostrata et diruta ante oculos iacent. Coepi egomet mecum sic cogitare : ' Hem ! nos homunculi indignamur,...
Pagina 21 - When I see kings lying by those who deposed them ; when I consider rival wits placed side by side ; or the holy men that divided the world with their contests and disputes ; I reflect with sorrow and astonishment on the little competitions, factions, and debates of mankind.
Pagina 359 - Mearum epistularum nulla est 6waya>yt'°: sed habet Tiro instar septuaginta; et quidem sunt a te quaedam sumendae. Eas ego oportet perspiciam. ; corrigam. Turn denique edentur.
Pagina xi - Such, in compressed form, for necessary brevity, but deserving to be studied in its own brilliant language, was the speech delivered by Cicero, in the Senate in Caesar's presence, within a few weeks of his murder. The authenticity of it has been questioned, but without result beyond creating a doubt whether it was edited and corrected, according to his usual habit, by Cicero himself. The external evidence of genuineness is as good as for any of his other orations, and the Senate possessed no other...
Pagina 120 - ... appellas alieno nomine; cur non suo potius? si turpe est, ne alieno quidem: si non est, suo potius. caudam antiqui "penem" vocabant, ex quo est propter similitudinem "penicillus"; at hodie penis est in obscenis.
Pagina 300 - ... deinde, qui magis hoc Lucilio licuerit adsumere libertatis quam nobis? cum, etiamsi odio pari fuerit in eos, quos laesit, tarnen certe non magis dignos habuerit, in quos tanta libťrtate verborum incurreret. tu, sicut mihi pol- 4 licitus es, adiunges me quam primum ad tuos sermones; namque illud non...
Pagina 6 - ... de maerore minuendo scriptum ab ullo est quod ego non domi tuae legerim. sed omnem consolationem vincit dolor, quin etiam feci, quod profecto ante me nemo, ut ipse me per litteras consolarer.

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