The Country Sketch Book of Pastoral Scenes and Memorable Places

Partridge & Oakey, 1851 - 216 páginas
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Página 88 - I will tarry there but one flood and ebb, if I can have passage ; and unless I can have it in such a place, I will go every day into the sea up to my knees, assaying to pass over : and unless I can do this within forty days, I will put myself again into the church as a robber and a felon of our Lord the King, so God me help and his holy judgment.
Página 167 - I heard the horned bird, the night owl, shrieking horribly with crooked bill from her cavern ; I heard the wild geese, with screaming cries, fly over the city through the silent night. I was soon lulled to sleep, till the cock, clapping his wings, crowed thrice, and the day peeped.
Página 167 - The fern withered on the miry fallows, the brown moors assumed a barren mossy hue ; banks, sides of hills, and bottoms, grew white and bare ; the cattle looked hoary from the dank weather, the wind made the red reed waver on the dyke.
Página 167 - In every hold and forest, the woods were stripped of their array. Boreas blew his bugle horn so loud, that the solitary deer withdrew to the dales ; the small birds flocked to the thick...
Página 151 - Showed many a prophet and many a saint, Whose image on the glass was dyed; Full in the midst, his cross of red Triumphant Michael brandished, And trampled the Apostate's pride. The moonbeam kissed the holy pane, And threw on the pavement a bloody stain.
Página 51 - He seem'd in years, yet in his years were seen A vernal vigour and autumnal green." In fact, I feel as though I were not more than thirty years old. I am quite free from all rheumatic pains ; and am so supple in the joints, that I can climb a tree with the utmost facility.
Página 121 - GOD bless the master of this house, The mistress also ; And all the little children That round the table go ; And all your kin and kinsmen, That dwell both far and near, I wish you a merry Christmas, And a happy new year.
Página 167 - The cranes, prognosticating tempests, in a firm phalanx, pierced the air with voices sounding like a trumpet. The kite, perched on an old tree, fast by my chamber, cried lamentably, a sign of the dawning day.
Página 201 - TRIADS OP BARDISM. 1 . There are three primeval Unities, and more than one of each cannot exist: one God; one truth; and one point of liberty, and this is where all opposites equiponderate. 2. Three things proceed from the three primeval Unities : all life ; all goodness ; all power.
Página 125 - Have circled many a gentle maiden's waist, Are rooted here and there along the path, Commanding all the distant hills and moors. Soft as a spirit's breath, the summer wind Low murmuring 'mongst the trees, makes music sweet, And various as the leaves thro

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