The Crap I've Been Through: A Collection of Thoughts Stories and Poems by Cindy Ragens

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AuthorHouse, Dec 29, 2005 - Biography & Autobiography - 48 pages

        “The Crap I’ve Been Through” is meant to identify with people who need to see that it is normal to feel bad from time to time, but it can eventually be looked back on with a smile when you see just how much is accomplished in the end…and that we all have rough times.  Some situations I can laugh at now, and some things I learned for myself while I continue to deal with the crap in my own life.

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About the author (2005)

     Cindy Ragens is a mother of three children and lives with her husband in Indiana.  She works full time as a nurse.


     Cindy started out by writing things down just to clear her mind.  By the time she finished writing things down, they seemed trivial and of no interest to anyone.  She would throw them away after a while when she finished writing.  After all, the writings did their job of clearing her mind, and she didn’t need to remember it--she lived it!


     When people would talk to her about their troubles or whatever they were feeling at the time, somehow she was able to relate to them on some level.  To make the people she talked to feel better about themselves and their situations, she would share pieces of her life story.  Along the way, many of those people told her that she should write a book.  She would laugh (not taking the remarks seriously) and agree that she had plenty to fill a book with.  She didn’t think that the general public would much appreciate her writings.


     One of Cindy’s co-workers finally (and seriously) convinced her to make a book of the few items that she hadn’t gotten around to destroying yet.  Cindy gave her co-worker what she had of her writings to read.  The co-worker convinced Cindy that she had enough to put together to make book.


     This is the first book written by Cindy Ragens, and now she is curious to see what others think of her work.


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