The Cults of the Greek States, Volume 2

Front Cover
Clarendon Press, 1896 - Cults

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Page 759 - The borrower must return this item on or before the last date stamped below. If another user places a recall for this item, the borrower will be notified of the need for an earlier return. Non-receipt of overdue notices does not exempt the borrower from overdue fines.
Page 755 - Jackson. Dalmatia, the Quarnero and Istria ; with Cettigne in Montenegro and the Island of Grado. By TG JACKSON, MA 3 vols. 8vo. With many Illustrations. Half-bound, 42*.
Page 594 - Venere facienda, vicitque Alcamenes non opere sed civitatis suffragiis contra peregrinum suo faventis. quare Agoracritus ea lege signum suum vendidisse traditur, ne Athenis esset, et appellasse Nemesin. id positum est Rhamnunte pago Atticae, quod M. Varro omnibus signis praetulit. est et in Matris magnae delubro eadem civitate Agoracriti opus.
Page 737 - ... nunc o caeruleo creata ponto, quae sanctum Idalium Uriosque apertos quaeque Ancona Cnidumque harundinosam colis quaeque Amathunta quaeque Golgos quaeque Durrachium Hadriae tabernam, 15 acceptum face redditumque votum, si non illepidum neque invenustum est.
Page 599 - Lunae, Dianae, Proserpinae, et cum super terras est, creditur esse Luna; cum in terris, Diana; cum sub terris, Proserpina...
Page 458 - Odyssey, and once in connection with 6a\vcria* as goddess of fruitful fields. There is plenty of evidence to show that " Artemis in the earliest Greek religion was an earthgoddess, associated essentially and chiefly with the wild life and growth of the fields and with human birth.
Page 748 - ... huius deae in monte Libano fingitur capite obnupto, specie tristi, faciem manu laeva intra amictum sustinens, lacrimae visione conspicientium manare creduntur.
Page 749 - Est etiam in Cypro simulacrum barbatae Veneris corpore et veste muliebri, cum sceptro et natura virili, quod...
Page 438 - ... in the earliest times of the rite an actual bear-skin was worn by the dancers...
Page 646 - Adonis, in short, is the Swine-god, and in this, as in many other cases, the sacred victim has been changed by false interpretation into the enemy of the god.

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