The Curious Family Doctor

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Trafford Publishing, 2001 - Medical - 152 pages
Before there was a well-organized effort in Canada to encourage research by general practitioners, many individuals had the curiosity to do studies of their own work. This book is written to remind us of the work of the pioneers, many of whom are unknown in the year 2001.
In the late sixties ad early seventies there was a great surge of interest and activity in family medicine research in Canada. This interest was largely the result of pioneering work done by individuals and committees who saw the potential value of such research before it became a major theme of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, or of most departments of family medicine in our teaching centres.
In the eighties and nineties there has been a progressive increase in the volume of research in Canadian family medicine, to the point where it is difficult to keep track of it. This book is written to bring together scattered records of studies done by the pioneers, mainly limited to the third quarter of the twentieth century. It does not claim to be complete, but at least provides a record of much of the early work, and as such is archival.
In writing this book, I feel qualified mainly as an admiring observer of the early workers, as well as having some part in development of research by doing studies in my own practice and working with various research committees. Work done in other countries is mentioned, as it has has a direct and large influence on our progress in Canada.

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