The Dark Side of Teaching

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This book is about my life as a teacher and the unethical procedure followed by the Polk County School Board to try to end my teaching career. The Educational Code of Ethics was not used as a guide line regarding my termination. I was fired twice without warning or notice. I e-mailed the governor the first time for reinstatement. After being reinstated I was fired again. When I asked why was I fired? the principal looked at me with a smile and said: Reflect back. Well what was there to reflect back on when mostly all of my children scored high on their state and national reading test. This book deals with the emotional stress of teachers and what they encounter on a daily basis in the school system. Why is it that not all of our teachers voice are being heard? Some parts of the book talks about mission and vision, the little Principals, How to avoid pitfalls of teaching, How to become an effective teacher and steps you can take if you are terminated. The emotional stress of the student with/without disabilities in learning. Why are our children failing state and national test but making A&B honor roll on class room test? Emotional stress of parents and why is there a break down in the educational system? How to determine if your child has an effective or ineffective teacher. Statistical reports from other states regarding education. This book uncovers t he Dark Side of Teaching. When you have finished reading this book you will have the knowledge and tools needed to become an effective teacher, as well as knowing your rights according to the code of ethics.

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