The Day of the Saints: Equiping Believers for Their Revolutionary Role in Ministry

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Destiny Image Publishers, 2002 - Всего страниц: 432
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The Next Scheduled End-Time Event!

The Day of the Saints is written with a sense of personal urgency and a surge of anointed passion for God's end-time people. With powerful prophetic insight, Dr. Bill Hamon carefully blends together the biblical foundations for this event with the spiritual anointing that will propel God's people into the marketplaces of the world.

"The Day of the Saints has my vote for the book of the year..." -C. Peter Wagner

"I believe this most unusual book could very well propel its readers into a new dimension of the prophetic ministry."-Oral Roberts

"As a consultant to clients such as AT&T, IBM, Kodak, the U.S. Navy, United Airlines, and Wal-Mart Corporation, I thought I had arrived until I met Dr. Bill Hamon. His revelation of marketplace ministry changed my life forever. Hearing God's voice in business changes everyone and everything you touch." -Sanford G. Kulkin, PH.D.

The Day of the Saints unveils the ministries that will be manifested in this coming 21st century Saints Movement. Empowered with persuasive declarations, Dr. Hamon outlines God's revelation for this next major move on the earth, effectively illustrating the part that each participant will play.

    How to be activated in your spiritual giftsWhy fivefold ministers must equip the SaintsQualifications for operating in the supernatural How God's people will determine "sheep" and "goat" nationsHow restoration is making preparation for the Day of the Saints

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Пользовательский отзыв  - Jake Morgason -

This book is way off biblically. I was caught up in the so called prophetic movement and even received visions now that i recognize came from the Evil one. Since I has my biblical view a true prophet must always be 100% right on what they prophesy. Please read Matthew 24:24 Читать весь отзыв

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Special Points
Called to Be Saints
Progressing Arriving and Becoming
The FirstCentury Saints Movement
Understanding Gods Restoration
A Brief History of Church Restoration
Equipping the Saints
Saints As Kings and Priests
Activating the Saints
The Calling and Ministry of the Saints
The OmegaTransition Generation
Theological and PresentTruth Terms
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