The Definitive Guide to Catalyst: Writing Extensible, Scalable and Maintainable Perl-Based Web Applications

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Apress, Jul 8, 2009 - Computers - 362 pages
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Learn to build web applications with Catalyst, the popular open source web framework based on the Perl programming language. The Definitive Guide to Catalyst: Writing Extendable, Scalable, and Maintainable Perl–Based Web Applications is a definitive guide to Catalyst version 5.8. This book contains

  • Training materials for new and experience programmers.
  • Worked examples and cookbook–style recipes of common web application programming tasks
  • Fundamentals of web application design and best–practice application style
What you’ll learn
  • Write web applications with Catalyst and Perl.
  • Design for extendability and code reuse.
  • Understand deployment options for high– and low–traffic sites.
  • Use DBIx::Class, Moose, and Template Toolkit.
  • Understand the Catalyst dispatcher and request cycle.
  • Deal with common web programming requirements: authentication and authorization, web services, sending e–mail, serving streaming media.
Who this book is for

The primary audience for this book is existing Perl programmers who want more information on writing robust maintainable and extendable web applications. This group is comprised of four subgroups:

  • Experienced perl programmers wanting to update their web programming skills (for example,, mod_perl, and Mason programmers)
  • Intermediate/Late beginner programmers wanting to learn rapid, extendable, maintainable web programming techniques in Perl
  • System administrators and other non–web users of Perl (e.g., bioinformatics workers) who want to learn modern Perl web development techniques
  • Existing catalyst programmers who want to learn about best practices for catalyst development

This book is also for programmers who want to understand web application design and development more thoroughly.

Table of Contents
  1. Introducing the Catalyst Web Application Framework
  2. Catalyst Setup and Background Knowledge
  3. Your first Catalyst Application
  4. Extending LolCatalyst-Lite
  5. Deployment
  6. Database Models
  7. The Catalyst Dispatcher
  8. Authentication and Authorization
  9. Interacting with Web Services in Your Applications
  10. Extending Catalyst
  11. Catalyst Cookbook
  12. The Reaction Component UI Framework

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About the author (2009)

Kieren Diment is a social researcher in the School of Management and Marketing, University of Wollongong, Australia, where he uses Catalyst for the collection analysis and presentation of research data. He has taken the lead in a significant portion of the Catalyst documentation including the Catalyst Advent Calendar in 2006 and 2007. His focus has been on ensuring a culture of documentation by example in the project, and ensuring that instructional documentation points to working example code wherever possible.