The Destruction of Invasion and Its Side Effects

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t History has witnessed so many wars and invasions by human beings upon other human beings. Emperor Genghis Khan, the ruler of Mongolia, at one time his empire was extended from North Korea as far west as the city of Novgorod, in Russia. During his reign, if any opposition resisted against his will, he annihilated the whole territory. The same circumstance was true about the Roman Empire, which was also an autocratic rule. No insurgency in any shape or form was allowed and was extinct from the face of the earth. Despite this fact, that it was centuries ago, the world still remembers their brutality and their heinous atrocities Twenty centuries later it was thought to be a civilized world and no human, with all the lessons learned, history would not be repeated, but it has happened in a new fashion worse than the old fashion. Over one hundred years ago, Afghanistan was crushed from each side and was invaded several times. The invasion, in the eyes of people in the world, who had never experienced such a horrible and unforgettable event, "The Destruction of Invasion and Its Side Effect" clearly shows you step by step, how an invasion was planed, developed, progressed, and implemented. It caused a catastrophe of human life, human dignity, and the destruction of the family structure, opened the door, for other avenues to be flooded with so many other objects This book shows you the enormity of devastation and what that devastation produced, the transmittable disease which no one is able to find a cure for. The fact that makes this book so interesting, due to the reason I was a first hand witness to these invasions with my naked eyes, and it is so imperative to know the real events and cause of invasion, which did not just destroy one country, but extended involuntarily to so many other countries and human life The creation of so many radicals, by invasion, this book shows you how these radicals were born, grew and destroyed human life, by brain invasion and inoculated their extreme version of religion to so many young innocent children, who were mostly orphans. How one invasion creates another invasion and the catastrophic effect in each person and the society, which those people suffer every day without it being their fault? "The Destruction of Invasion and its Side Effect," shows you the sincerity of ordinary Afghan people and their kindness, which most are portrayed by a turban and a gun, how these people during over one hundred years suffered and survived. All the news about poppy seed or other violent acts have a core, which rooted from one evil idea and how this evil idea, deeply affected the people, and had left no room for maneuvering.

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