The Dewey Color System: Choose Your Colors, Change Your Life

Three Rivers Press, 2004 - 243 páginas
Get Ready to Discover Your True Colors

What motivates you? What’s your favorite color? Believe it or not, these two questions are inherently linked. And using the groundbreaking, fun, and remarkably accurate personality test in this book, you’ll learn to fine-tune your career goals, improve your communication skills, and deepen your relationships with romantic partners, friends, family members, and coworkers—all based on your color choices.

Just flip to the color chart and pick your colors—from primaries like red and blue to variations like magenta and indigo. Then turn to the sections in the book that describe your energy type. Each color is identified with certain personality traits, and whether you like or dislike a certain hue, you’ll soon increase your self-awareness, sharpen your decision-making and problem-solving skills, gain insight into your personal relationships, romance, and career . . . and have loads of fun!

The Dewey Color System™ can be used as a practical lifestyle tool to help you:

• Get in touch with your true self—likes and dislikes, areas for self-improvement, passions and powers
• Understand how you relate to your partner, your parents, your siblings, and your children—as well as your boss and coworkers
• Choose a wardrobe, shop for your home, and select colors that project the real you

Join the more than 70 million people who have taken a simplified version of this test on the Web and choose your colors. It will change your life!

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The Dewey color system: choose your colors, change your life

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Sadka presents his color preference-based personality evaluation tool as seen on Claiming that established systems like Myers-Briggs only scratch the surface, he uses two groups of three ... Ler resenha completa

Sobre o autor (2004)

DEWEY SADKA is the founder of one of the largest employment agencies in the country. A veteran user of traditional tools like the Myers-Briggs test, he longed for a system that would bypass the limitations of language in traditional but imprecise questionnaires and truly reveal skills and limitations. Long fascinated with color and the science behind it, Dewey created his system—which proved to be an instant hit beyond his business. The Dewey Color SystemTM has been featured on iVillage and the Discovery Channel and in Women’s Day, Modern Bride, Better Homes & Gardens, and dozens of other
publications. Dewey Sadka lives in Atlanta.

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