The Diamond Tree, Episode III: The Beginning of the Rainbow

Front Cover, 2006 - 156 pages
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In a world within a world, there exists a small kingdom called Flairyland. A realm born out of a love for wide-flaired jeans like the hippies used to wear. Flairies love those jeans. Years ago the flairies adored everything about the hippies. They loved the flowered headbands, cheesecloth smock-tops, tie-dye T-shirts and daisy chains. Moreover, the very essence of hippy lifestyle was peace and harmony. That's what the flairies wanted the most. A lengthy period of calm and peace endured, until the king's reign came to its end. The younger generation was then due its turn and the king's daughter selected as the next queen. No sooner is Chubina crowned, than her land is thrown into danger. Her first task as ruler therefore, must be to save Flairyland. In this final episode we will find out if she succeeds.

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