The Digby Mysteries ...

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Frederick James Furnivall
New Shakspere society, 1882 - English drama - 239 pages

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Page xxiv - Being come to our lodgings, there was such baking, boiling, roasting, and stewing, as if Cook Ruffian had been there to have scalded the devil in his feathers...
Page xix - ... playes was great resorte, and also scafoldes and stages made in the streetes in those places where they determined to playe theire pagiantes.
Page xviii - The Whitsun playes first made by one Don Randle Heggenet, a Monke of Chester Abbey, who was thrise at Rome, before he could obtain leaue of the Pope to haue them in the English tongue.
Page xxviii - Anno 1563, upon the Sunday after Midsummer Day the History of Eneas and Queen Dido was play'd in the Roods Eye ; and were set out by one William Croston, gent, and one Mr. Man, on which triumph there was made two forts and shipping on the water, besides many horsemen well armed and appointed.
Page xviii - Rome, before he could obtain leaue of the Pope to haue them in the English tongue. The Whitsun playes were playd openly in pageants by the Cittizens of Chester in the Whitsun Weeke. Nicholas the fift Then was Pope in the year of our Lord 1447. Ano 1628. Sir Henry...
Page 35 - I am lame, my leggw be take me fro ; My sygth lykwyse, — I may nott see ; I can nott tell whether to goo. My men hath forsake me also. Whether shall I wynde, or whether shall I pas? Lord, I beseche the, helpe me, of thy grace.
Page 39 - Put fo[r]th thi hond and goo wyth me. A-gayne to thy syght here I restore the. 296 SAULUS. Blyssyd Lord, thankys to yow euer bee!
Page xix - And they first beganne at y e Abbaye gates; & when the firste pagiente was played at y e Abbaye gates, then it was wheeled from thence to the pentice at ye highe crosse before y e Mayor; and before that was donne, the seconde came, and y e firste wente in-to the watergate streete, and from thence vnto y e Bridge-streete, and soe all, one after an other, tell all y e pagiantes weare played, appoynted for y e firste daye, and so likewise for the seconde yjrKriftu,, & the thirde daye: these pagiantes...
Page xviii - Cittie of Chester, gathered out of some fewe writers, and heare sett downe, and reduced into these Chapters followinge:" Harl. MS. 1944, If. 3. The Forewords " To the Reader" are signd " per Dauid Rogers : 1609: July: 3"; and Harl. MS. 1948, If. 18, says that the Collections were "collected by the Reuerend: mr Robert Rogers, Batchlor in Diuinitye, Archdeacon of Chester, and Prebunde in the Cathedrall Church of Chester [and parson of Gawsworth]," and " written by his sonne Dauid Rogers.