The Dispatches and Letters of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson: 1777 to 1794

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Page 58 - at Spithead, 2nd February, 1782. I am to acquaint you, for the information of my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that I arrived here this morning in His Majesty's Ship Albemarle, under my command ; and inclosed I transmit you her State and Condition. I am, Sir, &c. HORATIO NELSON. TO WILLIAM LOCKER, ESQ.,
Page 338 - pronounce that he will one day astonish the world. I have never entertained any Officer at my house, but I am determined to bring him here ; let him be put in the room prepared for Prince Augustus." Nelson is stated to have been equally impressed with Sir William Hamilton's merits; " You are,
Page 7 - (now Lieutenant-Governor of Greenwich hospital) William Locker. 6 In this Ship I went to Jamaica : but even a Frigate was not sufficiently active for my mind, and I got into a Schooner, 7 tender to the Lowestoffe. In this vessel I made myself a complete pilot for all the passages through the
Page 74 - I ever beheld : and his dress was worthy of attention. He had on a fulllaced uniform : his lank unpowdered hair was tied in a stiff Hessian tail, of •" extraordinary length ; the old-fashioned flaps of his waistcoat added to
Page 67 - lately sent a copy of it to Page Nicol Scott, Esq., of Norwich.] These are to Certify, that I took the Schooner Harmony, Nathaniel Carver, Master, belonging to Plymouth ; but, on account of his good Services, have given him up his Vessel again. Dated on board His Majesty's Ship Albemarle, 17th
Page 161 - from young gentlemen ;" to which Nelson replied, " I have the honour, Sir, of being as old as the Prime Minister of England, and think myself as capable of commanding one of his Majesty's Ships as that Minister
Page 129 - question, Captain Berkeley is, I hear, to be the happy man. Captain Kelly is attached to a lady at Nevis, so he says : I don't much think it. He is not steady enough for that passion to hold long. 3 All the Eliot family spent their Christmas Midshipmen, as I make it a rule to introduce them to all the good company I
Page 5 - raised upon, which was given me, with twelve men; and I prided myself in fancying I could navigate her better than any other boat in the Ship. On our arrival in England, and paid off, October 15, I found that a Squadron was fitting out for the East Indies ; and nothing less than such a distant voyage could in the least
Page 128 - one there could be behind-hand in their business when their Captain set them so good an example. One other circumstance I must mention which will close the subject, which was the day we landed at Barbadoes. We were to dine at the Governor's. Our dear Captain said, ' You must permit me, Lady Hughes, to carry one of
Page 13 - thirty in the whole ; this was a service hand to hand with swords, in which my Cockswain, John Sykes, (now no more,) saved twice my life. Eighteen of the Spaniards being killed and several wounded, we succeeded in taking their Commander. On the

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