The Dog in Health and Disease: Comprising the Various Modes of Breaking and Using Him for Hunting, Coursing, Shooting, Etc., and Including the Points Or Characteristics of Toy Dogs

Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 1872 - 470 páginas

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Página 7 - ... dogs in general, more than the different kinds of dogs do from each other. The cranium is absolutely similar, and so are all, or nearly all, the other essential parts ; and to strengthen still further the probability of their identity, the dog and wolf will readily breed together, and their progeny is fertile. The obliquity of the position of the eyes in the wolf is one of the characters in which it differs from the...
Página 59 - ... he has much to undergo, and should have strength proportioned to it. - Let his legs be straight as arrows; his feet round, and not too large; his shoulders back; his breast rather wide than narrow; his chest deep; his back broad; his head small; his neck thin; his tail thick and brushy: if he carry it well, so much the better...

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