The Drama of Love and Death: A Study of Human Evolution and Transfiguration

M. Kennerley, 1912 - 299 頁

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第 139 頁 - Of this, at least, I feel assured, that there is no such thing as forgetting possible to the mind ; a thousand accidents may and will interpose a veil between our present consciousness and the secret inscriptions on the mind. Accidents of the same sort will also rend away the veil ; but alike, whether veiled or unveiled, the inscription remains for ever...
第 117 頁 - ... stand der junge Sklave Um die Abendzeit am Springbrunn, Wo die weißen Wasser plätschern; Täglich ward er bleich und bleicher. Eines Abends trat die Fürstin Auf ihn zu mit raschen Worten : „Deinen Namen will ich wissen, Deine Heimat, deine Sippschaft!" Und der Sklave sprach: „Ich heiße Mohamet, ich bin aus Jemen, Und mein Stamm sind jene Asra, Welche sterben wenn sie lieben.
第 114 頁 - I need no assurances, I am a man who is pre-occupied of his own soul; I do not doubt that from under the feet and beside the hands and face I am cognizant of, are now looking faces I am not cognizant of, calm and actual faces, I do not doubt but the majesty and beauty of the world are latent in any iota of the world, I do not doubt...
第 21 頁 - He is for ever poor, and so far from being delicate and beautiful, as mankind imagine, he is squalid and withered ; he flies low along the ground, and is homeless and unsandalled; he sleeps without covering before the doors, and in the unsheltered streets; possessing thus far his mother's nature, that he is ever the companion of want.
第 117 頁 - Emergence into winged liberty, the lovedance and the process of fertilisation, the deposition of eggs and the death of both parents, are often the crowded events of a few hours. In higher animals, the fatality of the reproductive sacrifice has been greatly lessened, yet death may tragically persist, even in human life, as the direct nemesis of love.
第 80 頁 - So great, so splendid is this experience, that it may be said that all minor questions and doubts fall away in face of it ; and certain it is that in thousands and thousands of cases the fact of its having come even once to a man has completely revolutionised his subsequent life and outlook on the world.
第 196 頁 - then began a strange sensation, which I had sometimes felt at seances. Frequently I have heard it described by others as of cobwebs being passed over the face, but to me, who watched it curiously, it seemed that I could feel fine threads being drawn out of the pores of my skin.
第 142 頁 - But this terrible eclipse lasted only a moment, when life blazed forth again with preternatural clearness. I seemed suddenly to become possessed of a new sense. The other self, bygone experiences, Instinct, or Guardian Angel, — call it what you will, — came forward and assumed control.
第 113 頁 - N rays of light, and of countless other vi- f brations of which our ordinary senses render no account, the phenomena of radium and radiant matter, the marvels of wireless telegraphy, the mysterious facts connected with hypnotism and the subliminal consciousness, and the certainty now that telepathic communication can take place between human beings thousands of miles apart— all these things have convinced us that the subtlest forces and energies, totally unmeasurable by our instruments, and saturated...