The Drama of Love and Death: A Study of Human Evolution and Transfiguration

M. Kennerley, 1912 - 292 頁
Historical and philosophical discussion on love and death. The author tries to grapple with their significance and to come to some resolution about death.

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第 139 頁 - Of this, at least, I feel assured, that there is no such thing as forgetting possible to the mind ; a thousand accidents may and will interpose a veil between our present consciousness and the secret inscriptions on the mind. Accidents of the same sort will also rend away the veil ; but alike, whether veiled or unveiled, the inscription remains for ever...
第 171 頁 - Sleep sweetly, tender heart, in peace : Sleep, holy spirit, blessed soul, While the stars burn, the moons increase, And the great ages onward roll. Sleep till the end, true soul and sweet. Nothing comes to thee new or strange. Sleep full of rest from head to feet ; Lie still, dry dust, secure of change.
第 142 頁 - I seemed suddenly to become possessed of a new sense. The other self, bygone experiences, instinct, or Guardian Angel - call it what you will - came forward and assumed control. Then my trembling muscles became firm again, every rift and flaw in the rock was seen as through a microscope, and my limbs moved with a positiveness and precision with which I seemed to have nothing at all to do. Had I been borne aloft upon wings, my deliverance could not have been more complete.
第 285 頁 - mix'd with God and Nature thou, I seem to love thee more and more. Far off thou art, but ever nigh; I have thee still, and I rejoice; I prosper, circled with thy voice; I shall not lose thee tho
第 117 頁 - ... stand der junge Sklave Um die Abendzeit am Springbrunn, Wo die weißen Wasser plätschern; Täglich ward er bleich und bleicher. Eines Abends trat die Fürstin Auf ihn zu mit raschen Worten : „Deinen Namen will ich wissen, Deine Heimat, deine Sippschaft!" Und der Sklave sprach: „Ich heiße Mohamet, ich bin aus Jemen, Und mein Stamm sind jene Asra, Welche sterben wenn sie lieben.
第 21 頁 - He is for ever poor, and so far from being delicate and beautiful, as mankind imagine, he is squalid and withered ; he flies low along the ground, and is homeless and unsandalled ; he sleeps without covering before the doors, and in the unsheltered streets; possessing thus far his mother's nature, that he is ever the companion of want.
第 51 頁 - Forberg, the chief modern authority, has enumerated ninety positions, but, it is said, only forty-eight can, even on the most liberal estimate, be regarded as coming within the range of normal variation. The disgrace which has overtaken the sexual act, and rendered it a deed of darkness, is doubtless largely responsible for the fact that the chief time for its consummation among modern civilized peoples is the darkness of the early night in stuffy bedrooms when the fatigue of the day's labors is...
第 80 頁 - So great, so splendid is this experience, that it may be said that all minor questions and doubts fall away in face of it; and certain it is that in thousands and thousands of cases the fact of its having come even once to a man has completely revolutionized his subsequent life and outlook on the world.
第 242 頁 - ... to each other, with a vain and inexpressible longing to obtain from each other something they know not what; for it is not merely the sensual delights of their intercourse for the sake of which they dedicate themselves to each other with such serious affection ; but the soul of each manifestly thirsts for, from the other, something which there are no words to describe, and divines that which it seeks, and traces obscurely the footsteps of its obscure desire. If Vulcan should say to persons thus...
第 47 頁 - ... relationships of old lovers, throughout the married life. The permanent element in modesty, which survives every sexual initiation to become intertwined with, all the exquisite impudicities of love, combines with a true erotic instinct to rebel against formal demands, against verbal affirmations or denials. Love's requests cannot be made in words, nor truthfully answered in words : a fine divination is still needed as long as love lasts.