The Dublin University Magazine: A Literary and Political Journal, Volume 8

W. Curry, jun., and Company, 1836

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Pagina 217 - And he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the ten commandments.
Pagina 412 - As he gave out this text, his voice ' rose like a stream of rich distilled perfumes;' and when he came to the two last words, which he pronounced loud, deep, and distinct, it seemed to me, who was then young, as if the sounds had echoed from the bottom of the human heart, and as if that prayer might have floated in solemn silence through the universe.
Pagina 590 - I did ; — and, going, did a rainbow note : Surely, thought I, This is the lace of Peace's coat : I will search out the matter. But while I look'd the clouds immediately Did break and scatter. Then went I to a garden, and did spy A gallant flower, The crown imperial. " Sure," said I, " Peace at the root must dwell.
Pagina 583 - ... an almost incredible story of the great sanctity of the short remainder of his holy life ; a life so full of charity, humility, and all Christian virtues, that it deserves the eloquence of St. Chrysostom to commend and declare it...
Pagina 589 - Sir, said she, Tell me, I pray, whose hands are those ? But thou shalt answer, Lord, for me. Then Money came, and chinking still, What tune is this, poor man ? said he : I heard in Music you had skill: But thou shalt answer, Lord, for me.
Pagina 414 - Coleridge seemed to make up his mind to close with this proposal in the act of tying on one of his shoes.
Pagina 416 - Bristol-Channel, as far as Linton. We set off together on foot, Coleridge, John Chester and I. This Chester was a native of Nether Stowey, one of those who were attracted to Coleridge's discourse as flies are to honey, or bees in swarming-time to the sound of a brass pan. He " followed in the chase, like a dog who hunts, not like one that made up the cry.
Pagina 590 - PEACE. SWEET Peace, where dost thou dwell ? I humbly crave, Let me once know. I sought thee in a secret cave, And ask'd, if Peace were there. A hollow wind did seem to answer, No : Go seek elsewhere.
Pagina 589 - I heard in music you had skill : But Thou shalt answer, Lord, for me. Then came brave glory puffing by In silks that whistled, who but he! He scarce allowed me half an eye : But Thou shalt answer, Lord, for me. Then came quick wit and conversation, And he would needs a comfort be, And, to be short, make an oration, But Thou shalt answer, Lord, for me.
Pagina 584 - That the thought of what he had done would prove music to him at midnight; and that the omission of it would have upbraided and made discord in his conscience, whensoever he should pass by that place; for, if I...

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