The Duping of America: How We The People Allowed George Bush to Steal the Election and Abandon America's Founding Principles

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AuthorHouse, Oct 19, 2004 - Poetry - 60 pages
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It is the author's hope that this poem will inspire the people of America to look beyond the words of our leaders, to independently search for facts, to learn American history, to think and to vote.  These are the responsibilities of the citizens of the United States of America, the guardians of American Democracy.  We the people are entrusted with the responsibility of preserving the blessings of liberty for the next generation.  When the people stop thinking, when they do not inform themselves, when they don't hold to American principals, the people can be duped and democracy ends.   America is in danger and only the people can save it.

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About the author (2004)

The author immigrated to the United States at the age of seven with her family.  Soon after her father was stricken with cancer and died 3 years later.  The family of 5 young children was left emotionally and financially devastated.  It was with the support of friends, family, a courageous mother, and the American people that allowed the author to persevere and graduate from the University of California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and escape poverty.   The author, along with all 4 siblings, grew up to be productive citizens that have been able to give back to society much more than they received.

The opportunities of the Great Society, the nurturing democracy that the author benefited from are slowly, but steadily disappearing.  The American people elected leaders that blamed America’s ills on the poor.  But the author does not believe that the poor are responsible for the growing gap between the rich and the middle class.  Twenty years ago a company’s Chief Executive Officer made 40 times more than the average worker.  Today it is 300 times more.  In the 60’s and 70’s, it took only one income to provide a family with a middle class standard of living.  Today in most families both parents must work to provide that same standard of living.  As the opportunities of the Great Society shrink so does the middle class.  The dishonest inauguration of George W. Bush and the subsequent actions and policies of his administration have accelerated the destruction of the middle class and democracy and are so contrary to what the author was taught about America.  This along with the hope of helping to preserve the opportunities that the author received as a child for other children motivated the author to create this account of the events of the recent past.   The account, in a poem format, is based on the author’s recollection of the 2000 presidential election as well as of the events that led to the war on Iraq.  It is also includes information from various news and literary sources.

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