The Dutton, Rattlesnake, Arago, Oil Mountain and Powder River Oil Fields

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School of Mines, University of Wyoming, 1901 - Oil fields - 57 pages

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Page 2 - HENRY L. STEVENS, BS, MD, Laramie 1903 Hon. TIMOTHY F. BURKE, LL. B., Vice President, Cheyenne.. 1901 Hon. JOHN C. DAVIS, Treasurer, Rawlins 1901 Hon.
Page 48 - Specific gravity means the weight of the oil as compared with that of an equal volume of water, thus specific gravity .900 means that a gallon of the oil weighs nine-tenths as much as a gallon of water.
Page 49 - All these oils were thick and dirty from long exposure to the weather and on account of this alteration in composition they do not represent the oil that will be obtained by drilling, which will undoubtedly be lighter and more fluid. The Rattlesnake oil is very difficult to work with on account of the water and dirt which it contains and its extremely vjscous and sticky nature.
Page 29 - No one acquainted with oil fields would hesitate for a moment to say that in anyfield where there are oil springs that oil wells can be drilled, and that they will produce. Special mention should be made of the Dakota oil. On account of its gravity and viscosity, it is more than probable that this oil will flow extremely slowly and that large wells will be necessary and these chambered witli nitro-glycerine in order to open up a large surface for the infiltration of oil.
Page 1 - The Dutton, Rattlesnake, Arago, Oil Mountain and Powder River Oil Fields : By Wilbur C.
Page 14 - These statements are all that have been published relative to the Button Oil Field. This field is situated about ten miles southwest of Ervay postoffice and includes in part Township 33, Range 89 and 90, being partly in Fremont and partly in Natrona county. Although it is very near the Rattlesnake oil field it in no way resembles it further than that the oil occurs...
Page 52 - The oil is black without fluorescence but inthin layers by transmitted light shows a pure red; It contains .10 per cent sulphur. Its odor is slight and not disagreeable. The viscosity is low for its gravity. This sample is from the accumulation in the spring and has doubtless lost some of its lighter products and has otherwise changed in composition.
Page 6 - DC, with about 800,000 population, has 160 to 170 murders each year. I assume that no one will take issue with me when I say that these North Europe countries are as enlightened as the United States in the value they place on the individual and on human dignity.
Page 20 - ... the Triassic and Jurassic form two of the most conspicuous hog backs. There are no streams of importance rising in this range, but there are numerous small brooks, that emerge from the canons after passing the V-shaped notches in the Triassic and Jurassic bands, flow for a short distance and sink, so that at a distance of two or three miles from the base there are no constant streams. Along the mountain sides...
Page 37 - There is an elliptical dome rising out of the Cretaceous rocks which has a trend of a few degrees west of north and east of south. The central portion of this dome is composed chiefly of Dakota sandstone, but at the head of Salt Canon the Cretaceous rocks have been eroded away and quite a deep canon cut into the underlying Jurassic. This canon passes through the Como bedsr and has cut V-shaped notches into the Shirley.

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