The Earthly Paradise: The Garden of Eden from Antiquity to Modernity

الغلاف الأمامي
F. Regina Psaki, Charles Hindley
Global Academic Publishing, 2001 - 388 من الصفحات
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The essays contained in this volume constitute, not a continuous narrative of the history of how the Eden story in Genesis has been understood, but rather a series of snapshots taken at different moments in that history. They include examples of Christian, Jewish, and Islamic interpretations of Genesis in different periods, places and contexts. They address popular movements, learned exegesis, literary appropriations and modern theology and philosophy. They move from antiquity to the twentieth century, and span a spectrum from orthodox to heterodox interpretations of the Eden narrative.

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Giulio Busi Eden The Mystical Architecture of Eden in the Jewish
The Difficult Discernment of
Ida Zilio Grandi Adams Paradise in the Koran and in the Muslim
Marta Cristiani Paradise and Nature in Johannes Scotus
The Purgatorial Eden
State of Innocence and Private Property in
Pier Cesare Bori The Three Gardens in the Paradisal Scene of Pico
Studium simplicitatis The Letter of Grace in Luthers
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