The East-Haven Register: In Three Parts. Part I. Containing a History of the Town of East-Haven, from Its First Settlement in 1644, to the Year 1800 ... Part II. Containing an Account of the Names, Marriages and Births of the Families ... to the Year 1800 ... Partr. III. Containing an Account of the Deaths ... from the Year 1647 to ... 1823

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author, and sold, 1824 - East Haven (Conn.) - 200 pages

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Page 83 - Mr. Davenport, besides many other friends, with many fears as well as prayers and tears they set sail. Mr. Davenport in prayer with an observable emphasis used these words: Lord, if it be thy pleasure to bury these our friends in the bottom of the sea, they are thine ; save them!
Page 83 - In June next ensuing, a great thunder-storm arose out of the north-west after which (the hemisphere being serene) about an hour before sun-set, a SHIP of like dimensions with the aforesaid, with her...
Page 10 - That as in matters that concern the gathering and ordering of a church, so also in all public offices which concern civil order; as choice of magistrates and officers, making and repealing laws, dividing allotments of inheritance, and all things of like nature, they would all of them be ordered by the rules, which the scripture held forth to them.
Page 83 - Many were drawn to behold this great work of God ; yea, the very children cried out, There's a brave ship! At length, crouding up as far as there is usually water sufficient for such a vessel, and so near some of the spectators as that they imagined a man might hurl a stone on board her, her...
Page 199 - Numa, in imitation of the Greeks, divided the year into twelve months, according to the course of the moon, consisting in all of 354 days : according to Pliny (Hist. Nat.
Page 83 - REVEREND AND DEAR SIR : In compliance with your desires, I now give you the relation of that APPARITION of a SHIP IN THE AIR, which I have received from the most credible judicious, and curious surviving observers of it "In the year 1647, besides much other lading, a far more rich treasure of passengers, (five or six of which were persons of chief note and worth in...
Page 84 - ... else, a clear air. The admiring spectators could distinguish the several colours of each part, the principal rigging, and such proportions as caused not only the generality of persons to say. This was the mould of their ship, and this was her tragick end: but Mr.
Page 83 - ... southward from the town, seemingly with her sails filled under a fresh gale, holding her course north, and continuing under observation, sailing against the wind for the space of half an hour. "Many were drawn to behold this great work of God; yea, the very children cryed out, 'There's a brave ship!
Page 199 - JULIAN or solar year, which continues in use to this day in all Christian countries, without any other variation, than that of the old and new style; which was occasioned by a regulation of pope Gregory...

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