The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal

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A. and C. Black, 1862

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125. oldal - Sharing the stillness of the unimpassioned rock, they share also its endurance ; and while the winds of departing spring scatter the white hawthorn...
130. oldal - By the same Author and Editors. MANUAL OF PROTOZOA; With a General Introduction on the Principles of Zoology, and 16 Woodcuts: Being the First Manual of the Series. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. • us THE SEA AND ITS LIVING WONDERS. By Dr. GEORGE HARTWIG. Translated by the Author from the Fourth German Edition ; and embellished with numerous Illustrations from Original Designs.
78. oldal - ... carboniferous system is surmounted, to the east of the Volga, by a vast series of beds of marls, schists, limestones, sandstones and conglomerates, to which I propose to give the name of "Permian System...
177. oldal - a hill of olives,' " with the "fence," and " the stones gathered out," and " the tower in the midst of it," is the natural figure which, both in the prophetical and evangelical records', represents the kingdom of Judah. The "vine" was the emblem of the nation on the coins of the Maccabees, and in the colossal cluster of golden grapes which overhung the porch of the second Temple ; and the grapes of Judah still mark the tombstones of the Hebrew race in the oldest of their European cemeteries, at...
145. oldal - Nobody however who has paid any attention to the particular features of our present era, will doubt for a moment that we are living at a period of most wonderful transition, which tends rapidly to the accomplishment of that great end to which, indeed, all History points — the realization of the unity of Mankind.
124. oldal - Unfading as motionless, the worm frets them not, and the autumn wastes not. Strong in lowliness, they neither blanch in heat nor pine in frost.
176. oldal - ... are still to be seen, in the trunks of palms washed up on the shores of the Dead Sea*, — preserved by the salt with which a long submersion in those strange waters has impregnated them. En-gedi, too, on the western side of the same lake, was known in early times as HazazonTamar* — "the felling of palm-trees.
92. oldal - The Attic silver was of acknowledged purity, and circulated very extensively: the Athenian merchants, particularly in their commercial dealings with the more distant and barbarous nations, appear frequently to have made their payments in it. The barbarians being once impressed with these notions of its purity, the government of Athens, in all probability, was afraid materially to change that style and appearance by which their money was known and valued among these people. A similar proceeding in...
201. oldal - The colloidal is, in fact, a dynamical state of matter; the crystalloidal being the statical condition. The colloid possesses energia. It may be looked upon as the probable primary source of the force appearing in the phenomena of vitality.

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