The Edinburgh Review: Or Critical Journal, Volume 21

A. Constable, 1812
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Página 279 - The sting she nourished for her foes, Whose venom never yet was vain, Gives but one pang, and cures all pain, And darts into her desperate brain...
Página 431 - It was not their custom to use hostile weapons against their fellow-creatures, for which reason they had come unarmed. Their object was not to do injury, and thus provoke the Great Spirit, but to do good. They were then met on the broad pathway of good faith and good will, so that no advantage was to be taken on either side, but all was to be openness, brotherhood, and love.
Página 430 - ... you would have the people live; and then you have right and boldness to punish the transgressor. Keep upon the square, for God sees you; therefore do your duty; and be sure you see with your own eyes, and hear with your own ears. Entertain no lurchers; cherish no informers for gain or revenge; use no tricks, fly to no devices to support or cover injustice, but let your hearts be upright before the Lord, trusting in Him above the contrivances of men, and none shall be able to hurt or supplant.
Página 279 - He who hath bent him o'er the dead Ere the first day of death is fled, The first dark day of nothingness, The last of danger and distress (Before Decay's effacing fingers Have swept the lines where beauty lingers,) And mark'd the mild angelic air, The rapture of repose that's there, The fix'd yet tender traits that streak The languor of the placid cheek...
Página 326 - The landlord of an Irish estate inhabited by Roman Catholics, is a sort of despot who yields obedience in whatever concerns the poor to no law but that of his own will.
Página 428 - Some things are upon my spirit to leave with you in your respective capacities, as I am to one a husband, and to the rest a father, if I should never see you more in this world.
Página 428 - For their learning be liberal. Spare no cost; for by such parsimony all is lost that is saved...
Página 427 - But I am not such a man ; as is well known in my own country. I have great love and regard towards you ; and desire to win and gain your love and friendship, by a kind, just and peaceable life...
Página 429 - I choose not they should be married to earthly covetous kindred ; and of cities and towns of concourse beware : the world is apt to stick close to those who have lived and got wealth there : a country life and estate I like best for my children, I prefer a decent mansion, of an hundred pounds per annum, before ten thousand pounds in London, or such like place, in a way of trade.
Página 426 - THERE is a great God and power that hath made the world and all things therein, to whom you and I and all people owe their being and well-being ; and to whom you and I must one day give an account for all that we do in the world. This great God hath written his law in...

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