The Educated Consumers Guide to No-Fault Automobile Insurance: How America Can Save Billions in Medicaid Costs and Create Comprehensive and Unlimited Medical Benefits for Life, for American's, who are Catastrophically Injured (brain and Spinal Cord Injuries) in Automobile Accidents!

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AuthorHouse, Aug 23, 2005 - Business & Economics - 192 pages
Catastrophic injury in an automobile accident is a very serious life altering event. Are you prepared? Have you ever considered it? Can you imagine the impact on you or your loved ones if this very unfortunate event visited you?! According to a Harvard Medical School study, medical bills cause an average of 2 million personal bankruptcies per year. What kind of automobile insurance do you have? What is your coverage for personal injury? What kind of health insurance coverage do you have? Does it cover in home Nursing care after a catastrophic automobile accident? MICHIGAN is the only state in America that provides unlimited medical benefits for injuries sustained in an automobile accident! Why doesn't your state? Brain injury is a silent epidemic in America, every year there are over 1.5 million brain injuries in America and 44% are from auto mobile accidents! Are you an automobile accident away from bankruptcy? In every other state than Michigan, you spend down your limited auto insurance benefit, then exhaust your Health insurance benefit, then discover you have NO in home nursing care coverage, then you spend your assets to provide care to your loved ones, then you can qualify for Medicaid, then you can file for bankruptcy, then you can discover the massive nursing shortage, and the massive hemorrhaging of state budgets due to escalating Medicaid costs, then discover any Medicaid coverage you can qualify for are very limited compared to your need, and there are too few personnel to do the work! THE MICHIGAN MODEL FOR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE, is a solution that that will serve to provide a quality of life for accident victims, and save states billions in Medicaid costs! Start today, get educated, then lobby your State Governor and State Legislators to adopt the Michigan Model in your state, you already pay for auto insurance, why aren't you getting unlimited medical benefits for life, like Michigan?

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About the author (2005)

It is through my experience with our clients and that I decided to write this book.


I have been, the Vice President of Health Partners Inc. for the past twelve years.

Health Partners is a Michigan company which provides homecare nursing and attendant care services, and which specializes in serving brain and spinal cord injured patients. Many of our clients are automobile accident victims and our services are developed to accommodate each individual’s unique needs. Our clients often require nursing care 24 hours per day everyday. Our clients often require very complex care, supplies, electric wheelchairs, home modifications, ramps, adapted vans, multiple doctors, therapies, hospital beds, and many other reasonably necessary services and medical equipment.


In Michigan we have automobile insurance which provides unlimited medical benefits for injuries sustained in an automobile accident. We are the only state in America which has this benefit!


I see the extraordinary needs that a person with a catastrophic injury presents and the level of care they need and can get through their Michigan no fault automobile insurance coverage and I realize it is truly a blessing for the patient and their families. I cringe when I meet people who have loved ones in other states injured in an automobile accident and they do not have this benefit. Their circumstance is crushing, neither the auto nor the health insurance provide coverage for  this kind of in home nursing care, so as soon as you spend down your assets you can qualify for Medicaid, then you will discover the super-acute shortage of nursing personnel for Medicaid services, which are meager at best compared to your need. You could actually march to bankruptcy because of an accident and the saddest part is that hardly anyone is actively aware of this. Our Medicaid budgets are growing and breaking state budgets, I believe the Michigan Model for Automobile insurance if adopted in other states will provide millions of Americans with a compassionate quality of life if injured (they are already paying for insurance without this benefit) and it will save states billions of Medicaid dollars for services now given to automobile accident victims, and it won’t bankrupt families. This unlimited medical benefit is funded by all of the states insured drivers, who pay an annual premium contribution to the Michigan Catastrophic Claim Association which provides reinsurance coverage for accident victims who have the need.  I want to educate Americans everywhere that this Michigan auto insurance model solves a big problem for many people and saves billions in Medicaid dollars.  

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