The Emigrant

Front Cover
Xlibris Corporation, Oct 14, 2009 - Biography & Autobiography - 291 pages
I wrote this book about all my persecutions and suffering from Romania in the time of communism. Everything began in 1983 when I decided to leave my country. I could never forget those six years from 1983-1989 of all the suffering and persecution I pulled through, those memories will never leave me. This book is my witness, and I thank God that I am able to write about all my sufferings and persecution during the communist period in my country Romania. I was abused physically and mentally, and it even got to the point where they would try to kill me because of my origin, which is a gypsy. Yes, I am gypsy but, I am also human like everyone else. I have the same blood and the same god like anybody else. I am proud to write on this piece of paper about the tragic events that occurred during the communist period of time in Romania. The brutal crimes, murders, and persecution that occurred transformed population in my country into slaves. Im writing this book about my life, how much I suffered, and how I was persecuted under the communist period. And also I wrote about the events that happened in World War II 1940-1944 under the Marshal Antonescu power; how he persecuted the gypsy and deported them in Trasnistria camp. The persecution didnt stop there; they continued all the way to the year of 1989 under Ceausescu Nicolaie, the President of Romania. Reader, once you open this book, I promise you after you read just a few pages you cant stop reading. Just try to read it, and I guaranty that you will feel and live my moments of my sufferings and persecution. This is not a fi ction book; this is not a storybook, and everything in this book is real. In this book you can fi nd very tragic and humorous events. Maybe youll never read a book like this ever in your life. You discover historic events that were never written, like how the communist would sell the Jews and the gypsies in Europe, and also, how they deported and made them suffer in Trasnistria Camp during the World War II, and many more. I wrote this book crying because I suffered so much for only one reason: I WANT MY FREEDOM!

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