The Engineering Index Annual for ..., Volume 14

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1915 - Engineering

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Page 245 - Factory administration and accounts; a book of reference with tables and specimen forms, for managers, engineers and accountants, with contributions on The general problem of industrial works design, by Andrew Home-Morton, and Financial accounts, by John Maughfling.
Page 234 - Commission to inquire into the relationship between the railway companies of Great Britain and the State in respect of matters other than safety of working and conditions of employment and to report what changes, if any, are desirable in that relationship.
Page 231 - District to provide the necessary machinery for works to prevent flood, to protect cities, villages, farms and highways from inundation and to authorize the organization of drainage and conservation districts.
Page 220 - Engineers appointed to formulate principles and methods for the valuation of railroad property and other public utilities.
Page 453 - Production of cement, lime, clay products, stone, and other structural materials in Canada, 1910.
Page 470 - Summary Report of the Mines Branch of the Department of Mines for the Calendar Year Ending December 31, 1911.
Page 24 - Certain journals, however, make large extra charges for back numbers. In such cases we may have to increase proportionately the normal charge given in the Index. In ordering, care should be taken to give the number of the article desired, not the title alone. Serial publications are indexed on the appearance of the first installment. SPECIAL NOTICE. — To avoid the inconvenience of letter-writing and small remittances, especially from foreign countries, and to cheapen the cost of articles, to those...
Page 470 - Preliminary Report on the Mineral Production of Canada during the Calendar Year 1914
Page 406 - Stevens County in the State of Washington and it also inspected the smelter plant of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, Limited, at Trail in British Columbia. It held sessions for the reception and consideration of such evidence, oral and documentary, as was presented by the Governments or by interested parties, as provided in Article VIII, in Spokane in the State of Washington, from July 7 to July 29, 1937; in Washington, in the District...
Page 69 - Reclamation as to general design, by the American section of the International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico...

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