The English Reports, 4권;75권

W. Green, 1907

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34 페이지 - Edward the Sixth, by the Grace of God King of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and of the Church of England, and also of Ireland, in earth the Supreme Head. To
394 페이지 - four, three, or two of them, to enquire by the oath of good and lawful men of the aforesaid county of Kent, as well within liberties as without, by whom the truth of the matter might be better known, amongst other things, what and what kind of goods, chatties, as well real as personal, or demises whatever, of
319 페이지 - sometimes by considering the cause and necessity of making the Act, sometimes by comparing one part of the Act with another, and sometimes by foreign circumstances. So that they have ever been guided by the (g) intent of the Legislature, which they have always taken according to the necessity of the matter, and according
417 페이지 - by the law of the land bound to answer the said plea in manner and form aforesaid pleaded. And this they are ready to verify, wherefore, for want of a sufficient plea in this behalf, the same John Smith and Thomas Fuller as before pray judgment, and a return of the cattle aforesaid, together with damages,
258 페이지 - yielding therefore yearly to the aforesaid Henry and his heirs forty shillings, at two terms of the year, that is to say, at the Feasts of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and of St. Michael the Archangel, to be paid by equal portions, by virtue of which demise the same John was and yet
330 페이지 - infancy, and old age, and other natural defects and imbecilities, which the body natural is subject to, and for this cause, what the King does in his body politic, cannot be invalidated or frustrated by any disability in his natural body. And therefore his letters-patent, which give authority or jurisdiction, or
325 페이지 - the said Joan, shall wholly remain to the aforesaid William and his heirs for ever ; to hold of the chief lords of the fee by the services which to the aforesaid tenements and rent belong. And for this acknowledgment, grant, fine, and agreement, the same William hath given to the aforesaid Henry
337 페이지 - delivered a petition in the same Parliament in the form following, " May it please our Sovereign Lord the King by the assent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and of the Commons in this present Parliament assembled,
543 페이지 - (to hold of the chief lords of the fee by the services which should belong to the aforesaid manor, tenements, rent, and advowson) all the life of them the said John and Ann, and of the longest liver of either of them, without impeachment of wast ; and after the death of the said
463 페이지 - of the wood there then growing, with the cattle aforesaid eat up, trod down, and destroyed, as it was lawful for them to do. And this they are ready to verify, wherefore they pray judgment if the aforesaid Henry Sharington and Gabriel their action aforesaid against them ought to have or maintain,

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