The English Works of John Fisher: Bishop of Rochester (born, 1459; Died, June 22, 1535)

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Early English Text Society, 1876 - Great Britain - 428 pages
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Page xxii - Ay, but to die, and go we know not where ; To lie in cold obstruction and to rot ; This sensible warm motion to become A kneaded clod...
Page xvi - Bishop Fisher may rank high among divines. He is at home in every part of scripture, no less than among the fathers. If the matter of his teaching is now for the most part trite, the form is always individual and life-like. Much of it is in the best sense catholic, and might be illustrated by parallel passages from Luther and our own reformers
Page viii - ... parauenture. Her body dayly sholde haue waxen more vnweldy, her syght sholde haue be derked, and her herynge sholde haue dulled more and more, her legges sholde haue faylled her by & by. And all the other partyes of her body waxe more erased euery daye, whiche thynges sholde haue ben mater to her of grete dyscomforte. And albeit these thinges had not fallen vnto her forthwith, yet she sholde haue lyued alwaye in a drede and a fere of them. Dare I say of her she neuer yet was in that prosperyte...
Page xiv - ... in theyr apparayle be it neuer so ryche. In that tyme were no chalyses of golde, but than was many golden prestes, now be many chalyses of golde, & almoost no golden prestes, truly neyther golde, precyous stones, nor gloryous bodyly garmentes be not the cause wherefore kynges & prynces of the worlde sholde drede god & his chyrche, for doubtles they haue ferre more worldly rychesse than we haue, but holy doctryne, good lyfe & example of honest conuersacion be the occasyons wherby good & holy men,...
Page 9 - ... its beginning was voluntary (TE Lawrence, Revolt in the Desert, p. 317, AD 1927). I weep for thee, and yet no cause I have, For why thou left'st me nothing in thy will (Shakespeare, The Passionate Pilgrim, 1. 137). For cause (now because) also the paynes of purgatory be moche more than the paynes of this worlde, who may remembre god as he ought to do beyng in that paynfull place? (John Fisher, EETS, Ex. Ser., XXVII, p. 15, early sixteenth century). Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God,...
Page 358 - ... hath no defire ne loue in doing of it. This thing may wel appear by the lyfe of hunters, the which out of doubt is more laborious and painfull .then is the lyfe of relygious perfons, and yet nothing fuftayneth them in 20 theyr labour and paynes, but the earneft loue and hartie defire to fynde theyr game.
Page vii - But specyally whan they sawe the dethe so hast vpon her and that she must nedes departe from them, and they sholde forgo so gentyll a maystris, so tender a lady, then wept they meruayllously, wepte her ladyes and kynneswomen to whom she was full kynde...
Page 2 - So almyghty god is called greuous vnto a fynner infecte with the malyce of fynne, and meke and gentyll vnto the ryght- 20 wyfe man that is purged from fynne, this is done without mutabylyte in god. Truly as longe as a creature contynueth in the wretchednes of fynne, fo longe f hall he thynke that god is wroth with hym, lyke as the eye whyles it is fore, fo longe fhall the fonne beme be 25 greuous and noyfome to it, and neuer comfortable tyll the fekenes & dyfeafe be done away. Therfore Dauyd confyderynge...
Page 39 - ... defyred gretly to fe this fpyritual fonne and the clere day of it. Our fauyour fayd to his apoftles. Multi reges et prophète voluerunt videre que vos videtis : et non viderunt. Many kynges and pro- Kin*
Page 6 - Good lorde make me hole. Truely that creature hath nede for to be made hole whiche is fo fore vexed with greuous fekenes that vtterly can fynde noo refte in ony parte of his body, where alfo not onely the membres whiche be ftronge fele trouble and payne but as well they that 5 be feble be troubled in lyke maner. It is Me properte of fynne to infecte ony creature in that maner wyfe.

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