The Englishwoman's Year Book and Directory for the Year ..., Volume 2

Front Cover
Geraldine Edith Mitton, Emily Janes, Louisa M. Hubbard
F. Kirby, Publisher, 1900 - Women

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Page 246 - Act provides that any person may bring before two justices or a magistrate any child apparently under the age of fourteen years that comes within any of the following descriptions : — (1) that is found begging or receiving alms...
Page ix - With aching hands and bleeding feet We dig and heap, lay stone on stone ; We bear the burden and the heat Of the long day, and wish 'twere done. Not till the hours of light return, All we have built do we discern.
Page 246 - Who is found wandering and not having any home or settled place of abode, or proper guardianship, or visible means of subsistence; 3.
Page 173 - Where a master being legally liable to provide for his servant or apprentice necessary food, clothing, medical aid, or lodging wilfully and without lawful excuse refuses or neglects to provide the same whereby the health of the servant or apprentice is or is likely to be seriously or permanently injured...
Page 235 - The Fabian Society consists of Socialists. " It therefore aims at the re-organisation of Society by the emancipation of Land and Industrial Capital from individual and class ownership, and the vesting of them in the community for the general benefit.
Page 232 - Act, be capable of acquiring, holding, and disposing by will or otherwise, of any real or personal property as her separate property, in the same manner as if she were a feme sole, without the intervention of any trustee.
Page 20 - Doreck Scholarship," of the value of 20, to the candidate who, having attended two Courses of the Lectures for Teachers delivered at the College during the preceding twelve months, and having passed the full examination for a College Diploma, stands first in the examination in the Theory and Practice of Education.
Page 175 - No parent or other person shall be liable to any penalty under section twenty-nine or section thirty-one of the Vaccination Act of 1867, if within four months from the birth of the child he satisfies two justices, or a stipendiary or metropolitan police magistrate, in petty sessions, that he conscientiously believes that vaccination would be prejudicial to the 'health of the child...
Page 238 - To study in common how to apply the moral truths and principles of Christianity to the social and economic difficulties of the present time.
Page 25 - Annuity Fund. Elective Annuities to Aged Governesses, secured on invested capital, and thus independent of the prosperity of the Institution. Provident Fund. Provident Annuities purchased by Ladies in any way connected with Education, upon Government Security, agreeably to the Act of Parliament. This branch includes a Savings Bank. A Home for Governesses during the intervals between their engagements. A System of Registration, entirely free of expense. An Asylum for the Aged.

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