The Equanimity Knowledge

Front Cover
The Equanimity Knowledge is the thinking knowledge, the skills defining the abilities as shrewdness in controlling and influencing every knowledge process. It informs the state of assured capability to control effects as a surprise in outcome of knowledge practice.
The book is the unique process of the authors candid opinions expressed in Quotes on The reasons in words and Prejudice and Bias with enabling analysis on 'what is in a name?.
The book forms an inspirational motivation upon readers to aspire for greater knowledge influencing effects. Hence an empowering knowledge management providing abilities. Your benefit is very numerous when you read this book as it influences necessary and needful changes in your life, by activating the way you should think and reason for your greater future progress.
The book is for everyone, teachers, students, lectures, pastors, politicians, academicians, managers and entire humanity etc for we all to join hand and create a better world where justice, peace and freedom will reign always.

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