The Essential Oils -: History - Origin in Plants - Production - Analysis, Volume 1

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Read Books, 2008 - Science - 456 pages
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The Essential Oils BY ERNEST GUENTHER, PH. D. Vice President and Technical Director Frib che Brothers, Inc., New York, N. Y. VOLUME ONE HISTORY ORIGIN IN PLANTS PRODUCTION ANALYSIS 1948 D. VAN NOSTRAND COMPANY, INC. TORONTO NEW YORK LONDON NEW YORK D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 250 Fourth Avenue, New York 3 TORONTO D. Van Nostrand Company, Canada, Ltd., 228 Bloor Street, Toronto 8 LONDON Macmillan Company, Ltd., St. Martins Street, London, W. C. 2 Copyright, 1048 BY D. VAN NOSTRAND COMPANY, INC. All rights reserved This book, or any parts thereof, may not be, reproduced in any form without written n r mission from the author and the publishers. The use in this volume of certain portions of the text of the United States Pharma copoeia, Thirteenth Revision, is by virtue of permission received from the Board of Trustees of the United States Pharmacopoeial Convention. The said Board of Trustees is not responsible for any inaccuracy of quotation nor for any errors in the statement of quantities or percentage strengths., Permission has been received to quote from the Official and Tentative Methods of A nalysis of the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists. Permission to use for comment parts of the te t of the National Formulary, Eighth Edition, in this volume has l ccn granted by the committee on publications by authority of the council of the American Pharmaceutical Association 1 PRINTED IX THK UNITED STATES OF AMEHICA BY LANCASTER PRE88, INC., LANCASTER, PA. Dedicated to MR. FREDERICK II. LEONHARDT, President of Fritzsche Brothers, Inc., whose vision and generosity made this work possible AUTHORS OF CHAPTERS ERNEST GUENTHER, Ph. D. Vice President and Technical Director of FritzscheBrothers, Inc., New York, N. Y. A. J. HAAGEN-SMIT, Ph. D. Professor, Bio-organic Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California. EDWARD E. LANGENAU, B. S. Director of Analytical Laboratories, Fritzsche Brothers, Inc., New York, N. Y. GEORGE URDANG, Ph. G., D. Sc. Xat., Sc. D. Director, American Institute of the History of Pharmacy, Madison, Wisconsin. PREFACE The industry and science of essential oils have undergone within the last two decades more changes than could have been anticipated by those writers who, during the 1920 s, contributed so valuably to our knowledge of this field. It is, therefore, no derogation of the works of Gildemeister and Hoffmann, Parry, Finnemore, and others, to state that the time is past due for bringing the whole subject up-to-date. This is the authors motive for the present treatise on the production, chemistry, analysis and appli cation of these interesting and important products. It seems particularly fitting that this work be published in the United States, which, as the largest user of essential oils, lias the most vital concern in the progress and ex pansion of the essential oil industry. Within the last ten years and largely as a result of World War II there have taken place fundamental developments within the field, especially with respect to new sources of supply in the Western Hemisphere. It has been the authors rare privilege to witness most of these developments at first hand. His travels for more than twenty years have taken him the length and breadth of Europe, through Africa, Asia, Australia, into the new producing centers of North, Central and South America in all of which places he surveyed the production of essentialoils at their source. The original purpose of this systematic survey was to snpply Fritzsche Brothers, Inc., of New York, the essential oil industry in general, and Gov ernment agencies with exhaustive data on the production of essential oils. In the course of this work the author collected countless samples of authen tic oils, produced under his supervision and of guaranteed purity...

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