The European Magazine: And London Review, Հատոր 31

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Philological Society of London, 1797

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Էջ 135 - Amongst the motives to such an institution the assimilation of the principles, opinions, and manners of our countrymen, by the common education of a portion of our youth from every quarter, well deserves attention. The more homogeneous our citizens can be made in these particulars, the greater will be our prospect of permanent union...
Էջ 115 - Beware that thou forget not the LORD thy God, in not keeping his commandments, and his judgments, and his statutes, which I command thee this day...
Էջ 169 - The voyage of Nearchus from the Indus to the Euphrates. Collected from the original journal preserved by Arrian, and illustrated by authorities ancient and modern : containing an account of the first navigation attempted by Europeans in the Indian Ocean.
Էջ 201 - England should forbear issuing any Cash in payment, until the sense of Parliament can be taken on that subject, and the proper measures adopted thereupon, for maintaining the means of Circulation, and supporting the public and commercial credit of the Kingdom at this important conjuncture...
Էջ 40 - I have regularly and attentively perused these Holy Scriptures, and am of opinion that this volume, independently of its divine origin, contains more true sublimity, more exquisite beauty, more pure morality, more important history, and finer strains of poetry and eloquence, than can be collected from all other books, in whatever age or language they may have been written.
Էջ 201 - In consequence of an order of his majesty's privy council, notified to the Bank last night, a copy of which is hereunto annexed, the governor, deputy-governor, and directors of the Bank of England, think it their duty to inform the proprietors of Bank stock, as well as the public at large, that the general concerns of the Bank are in the most affluent and prosperous situation, and such as to preclude every doubt as to the security of its notes.
Էջ 380 - ... met with my Anecdotes of Painting, had a mind to laugh at me, I thought not very ingeniously, as I was not likely to swallow a succession of great painters at Bristol. The ode or sonnet, as I think it was called, was too pretty to be...
Էջ 89 - The soul's dark cottage, batter'd and decay'd, Lets in new light, thro' chinks that time has made ; Stronger by weakness, wiser, men become, As they draw near to their eternal home. Leaving the old, both worlds at once they view, That stand upon the threshold of the new.
Էջ 135 - In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important, and what duty more pressing on its legislature, than to patronize a plan for communicating it to those, who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country ? The institution of a military academy is also recommended by cogent reasons.
Էջ 84 - Serene Highness the ELECTOR PALATINE, Reigning DUKE / of BAVARIA; Colonel of his Regiment of Artillery, and Commander in / Chief of the General Staff of his Army; FRS Acad.

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