The Evil and the Innocent

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AuthorHouse, Mar 31, 2012 - Law - 156 pages
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The potential interest in this book could be measured by the fact that for the past 3 years the online website for the Maine Sex Offender Registry has had 8 million hits each year.
        The Evil and the Innocent presents a real life and true inside look at the tragedies and suffering of the victims of sexual assault.  Those who committed these crimes against the innocent are described and discussed in detail revealing the sadistic fantasies that swirl in the heads of child sex offenders and how these fantasies manifest themselves into reality with total disregard for the pain and suffering inflicted on the victims - the children.  These real and actual cases expose heartbreaking and sometimes nauseating facts of sexual assaults and molestations.  As difficult as it may be for the reader, these documented details are openly displayed in the book and will stay with the reader for a long time.
        Seeing the dead eyes and helpless faces of little children who suffered the onslaught of cruel and inhumane acts are necessary ingredients if change is to occur.
        The book may startle and sicken you because of the cold, hard, facts that until now have been hidden from you.  Why? to protect you.  Real life suffering must be brought to the light of day so the collective "you" demands that it stop - no matter the cost.

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Well I always say you should put children in cages and when then become teenagers put them in bigger cages. My god you are so paranoid, the child has a better chance of being eaten by a bear in their living room than have their panties become photogenic. What I think is that "thou protest to much", more than likely you are the one that gets their kicks at watching kids. My advice, we'll just behave yourself. 

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