The Evolution Of Perception And The Cosmology Of Substance: A Simpler Theory Of Everything

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Iuniverse Inc, Jun 1, 2004 - Philosophy - 100 pages
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"Long ago, before he had the complicated metaphysical theories that he has today, man had his experience to explain. Over time, he invented theoretical entities to explain his experience. He invented gods, the logos, forms, matter, monads, noumenon, minds, spirit, the ether, spacetime, superstrings, dimensions, etc. Gradually these invented things became the things which required explaining. Great arguments were generated to explain them, to prove the existence of the entities he had invented to explain experience. Gradually man began to question experience itself, since it no longer seemed compatible with his theories. Experience, that event which had once been beyond dispute and the starting point of man's inquiry, was now the theoretical entity, and his invented entities, such as matter and energy, for which he had no direct evidence, were reality. The world was finally totally upside down."

Chris Ott considers our current philosophical problems to be the tragic result of psychological fallacies as old as Plato. He offers a new explanation for the universe that relies simply on an evolution of perception. His theory succeeds at accounting for the physical as well as the psychological--including mathematics, natural law, concrete objects, language, thought, and culture. A spellbinding journey to the roots of our assumptions.

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