The Evolution of Spirits: What Is the Reason for Being Here, in This Creation?

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Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2012 - Reference - 470 pages
The Evolution of Spirits

What is the Reason for Being Here, in This Creation?

By Bahram Esmailzadeh, M.Sc.

What is the reason for being here? Unlock the answer in The Evolution of Spirits.

In this intriguing follow-up to his first book,"Understanding the Creation", Esmailzadeh introduces a general theory for the creation, evolution and destiny of all spirits. "The Evolution of Spirits" directly deals with variety of spiritual phenomena and yet it is not related to any of the religions or philosophies. It reveals the author's curiosity, his extensive research and persistent personal contemplations on various spiritual phenomena.

This book raises the most important question: "What is the reason for being here?" Esmailzadeh sheds light on this very matter. In this comprehensive blueprint he demonstrates how everything began, the objectives that must be met and how spirits may eventually accomplish their ultimate and common task.

He begins by explaining the creation of the physical and the spiritual worlds and the specific laws that govern them. He follows with a discussion on how spirits evolve, as they go through their evolutionary path. He tells what will eventually become of all spirits, the physical world and the spiritual world.

By applying the proposed theory, Esmailzadeh also provides consistent explanations for a variety of spiritual phenomena such as overlapping past lives, power of thought, spiritual healing, states of dreaming, trance and coma, sleep paralysis, spiritual guides, wandering and escorting spirits, evil eye and witchcraft, prophesying and fortune telling, sexuality, animal languages, psychopaths, seizures, cravings, multiple personalities, possessions and exorcism, ghosts and apparitions, astrology, as well as inspiration, imagination, intelligence, instincts, curiosity, memory, conscience and of course the source of the ever-growing number of human spirits.

Thought-provoking and thoroughly engaging, The Evolution of Spirits clarifies issues that have challenged man's intelligence since the beginning of time.

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