The Expatriates

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Page 129 - And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh! say, does the star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave'?
Page 361 - ... pipe in his back yard. But it's wan thing to sus-pect a man iv doin' a job an' another thing to prove that he didn't. Me frind Zola thinks he's innocint, an' he raised th' divvle at th' thrile. Whin th' judge come up on th' bench an' opened th' coort, Zola was settin' down below with th' lawyers. 'Let us pro-ceed,' says th' impartial an' fairminded judge, 'to th' thrile iv th' haynious monsther Cap Dhry-fuss,
Page 293 - I'd break my neck. No, turn more than that ! And keep turned — until — no, I'm not down yet ! — I'll tell you when — oh, Shirley, don't, 1 can't get my breath ! — Yes ! — I do ! — How many times do you want me to tell you ! — So am I — perfectly ! No ! — Not yet — No ! — Please ! — please ! — There, I knew it ! — You've broken my glasses...
Page 290 - Dear me, Shirley !" said Mrs. Gregory, faintly. " I'm glad / am out of your reach. I feel quite worn out by your perseverance already." He looked around at Lida, but she was yawning with elaborate impertinence. " At any rate, she got it !" he said to himself. He was thinking of this incident as he neared their apartment one January day. It was on the top floor and was reached by interminable flights of slippery stairs, or by one of those miserable automatic elevators into which you shut yourself,...
Page 291 - Hearing steps, the girl paused in terror and looked over her shoulder. When she saw Shirley she shrieked and climbed back into her prison. Shirley stood still and looked at her. Her music-roll, a hat-box, and a golf cape were lying on the floor where she had tossed them over before her attempted escape. " Oh, Shirley !" she cried. " Do help me down ! I've been here half an hour and I can't make anybody hear me. What are you standing there grinning for ? Aren't you going to take me down ? Well, then,...
Page 291 - I'm nearly dead ! Let me down, that's a darling ! Well, really, Shirley Hollenden, it's downright rude of you to smoke. And that pipe smells horribly. When I have a headache smoke makes me ill. I have a headache to-day. What are you sitting down for ? You surely can't mean to keep me up here much longer !" " I'm going to keep you up there, Lida Schermerhorn, until you swear you'll marry me. I've proposed to you so often I've lost count of the times. If Marion or any of the servants come, I'll keep...
Page 292 - I'm going to keep you up there, Lida Schermerhorn, until you swear you'll marry me. I've proposed to you so often I've lost count of the times. If Marion or any of the servants come, I'll keep them off with a gun, if necessary. 1 suppose you could sleep in that cage, couldn't you, if you forced me to stay here in this draughty passage all night ? Do you know what my name is ? It's Davy Crockett.
Page 308 - Marquise d'Auteuil, she turned from Prince Orloff, and, mistaking Mr. Sharp for a servant, she said, in a distinct tone which everybody heard...
Page 290 - I'd propose to her every day for ten years. I'd write to her, telegraph to her, cable her. I'd propose to her at all three meals. I'd lie in wait for her and propose to her walking, or riding, or driving, or swimming. I'd propose to her in a cellar, on top of a 'bus or up a tree. The only thing for her to do would be to decide how she'd take me, for take me she'd have to.
Page 292 - Shirley began to fear that he would be obliged to back down and let her out. But presently she got up slowly and looked down at him with a confused air. " ' That you, Mr. Davy Crockett ?' " she said. " ' Yes/ " said Shirley, springing to his feet and going towards her. " ' Then don't shoot ! I'll come down !' " " Do you mean it, dear ? Do you really mean that you'll marry me ?"

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