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Rogerson and Tuxford, 1858

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Strona 140 - States. 8. That all the facts connected with the history of its several outbreaks concur in proving that the malady does not spread from country to country as an ordinary epizootic. And that, if it were a disease exclusively belonging to this class, the sanitary measures which are had recourse to throughout Europe would be inefficient in preventing its extension, and consequently that in all probability we should long since have been both practically and painfully familiar with it in this country,...
Strona 333 - How entirely all things depend on the mode of executing them, and how ridiculous mere theories are! My successor thought, as half the world always thinks, that a man in command has only to order, and obedience will follow. Hence they are baffled, not from want of talent, but from inactivity, vainly thinking that while they spare themselves every one under them will work like horses.
Strona 177 - Slbs. by the carcase. REVIEW OF THE CORN TRADE DURING THE PAST MONTH. The first month of the new year was characterized throughout by the almost total absence of rain.
Strona 140 - ... from thence, directly or indirectly to the English market and also that in the event of the disease spreading from Galicia, it would have to break through hundreds of military cordons, one after the other, before it could possibly reach the western side of the German states; and, moreover, that for years past commerce has been unrestricted with regard to the importation of skins, hides, bones &c., of cattle from Russia and elsewhere, all alarm, we believe, may cease with reference to its introduction...
Strona 214 - And spread th' enduring foliage ; — then we trace The freckled flower upon the flinty base ; These all increase, till in unnoticed years The stony tower as grey with age appears ; With coats of vegetation, thinly spread, Coat above coat, the living on the dead : These then dissolve to dust, and make a way For bolder foliage, nursed by their decay...
Strona 140 - ... 10. That the ox tribe is alone susceptible to the disease ; and that the morbific matter on which it depends lies dormant in the system for a period of not less than seven days, and occasionally, according to some continental authorities, as long as twenty days, before the symptoms declare themselves. 11. That an attack of the disease which has terminated favourably renders the animal insusceptible to a second action of the materies morbi which gives origin to the pest.
Strona 204 - I sit down, thanking you all for the patience with which you have listened to me (cheers).
Strona 283 - Upon discovering a number of ants regaling themselves with some treacle in one of his cupboards, he put them to the rout, and then suspended the pot of treacle by a string from the ceiling. He imagined that he had put the whole army to flight, but was surprised to see a single ant quit the pot, climb up the string, cross the ceiling, and regain its nest. In less than half an hour several of its companions sallied forth, traversed the ceiling, and reached the depository, which they constantly revisited...
Strona 139 - ... prevented crossing by the cordon ; as are woollen cloths, scutchings of leather, feathers, farm-yard manure, hay, clover, straw, and all other descriptions of cattle fodder. When the disease occurs on a farm the affected animals are not removed from the sheds, but the apparently healthy are taken to the quarantine station. Each commune is obliged to provide a station of this description, which is built of wood and divided into two parts, one for the doubtful cases and the other for the supposed...
Strona 117 - We are not surprised at the great extent of these losses, judging from what we saw of the secondary causes of epizootics in operation in the vicinity of Rotterdam. The cattle are often crowded into houses so thickly, that to pass between them is almost an impossibility.

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