The Fate of the Romanovs

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Lulu Press, Inc, 6 июл. 2014 г.
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Abundant, newly discovered sources shatter long-held beliefs The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 revealed, among many other things, a hidden wealth of archival documents relating to the imprisonment and eventual murder of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their children. Emanating from sources both within and close to the Imperial Family as well as from their captors and executioners, these often-controversial materials have enabled a new and comprehensive examination of one the pivotal events of the twentieth century and the many controversies that surround it. Based on a careful analysis of more than 500 of these previously unpublished documents, along with numerous newly discovered photos, The Fate of the Romanovs makes compelling revisions to many long-held beliefs about the Romanovs' final months and moments.

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Cast of Characters
Authors Note
The Ruin of an Empire
A Traitor to the Revolution
The House of Special Purpose
It Was Dreadful What They Did
The Four Brothers
The Investigations
Holy Relics of Our Saints
Unearthing the Past
An Unknown Grave from the Soviet Period
Bones of Contention

The Seventyeight Days
Russia in Chaos
The First to
The June Conspiracies
A Happy Hour with the Grandest People in the World
Enter Yurovsky
Murderous Intentions
Its All Secret All Political
The Secret of Koptyaki Forest
Ekaterinburg Guards
The Romanovs Jewels

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