The Federal Reporter

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West Publishing Company, 1900 - Law reports, digests, etc
Includes cases argued and determined in the District Courts of the United States and, Mar./May 1880-Oct./Nov. 1912, the Circuit Courts of the United States; Sept./Dec. 1891-Sept./Nov. 1924, the Circuit Courts of Appeals of the United States; Aug./Oct. 1911-Jan./Feb. 1914, the Commerce Court of the United States; Sept./Oct. 1919-Sept./Nov. 1924, the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia.

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Page 488 - The rule applicable when two vessels are crossing so as to involve risk of collision, that the vessel which has the other on her own starboard side shall keep out of the way, has no application to vessels coming around bends in channels which may at times bring one vessel on the starboard of the other.
Page 22 - of exchange, and other evidences of debt; by receiving deposits; by buying and selling exchange, coin, and bullion; by loaning money on personal security; and by obtaining, issuing and circulating notes according to the provisions of this title." The business of banking, as defined by Mr. Justice Matthews in the Mercantile
Page 622 - every non-enumerated article which bears a similitude either in material, quality, texture, or the use to which it may be applied to any article enumerated in this title as chargeable with duty, the same rate of duty which is levied and charged on the enumerated article which it most resembles in any of the particulars before mentioned.
Page 596 - Chinese subjects, whether proceeding to the United States as teachers, students, merchants, or from curiosity, together with their body and household servants, and Chinese laborers who are now in the United States shall be allowed to go and come of their own free will and accord,
Page 631 - the respective judges and other magistrates of the two governments shall have power, jurisdiction and authority, upon complaint made under oath, to issue a warrant for the apprehension of the fugitive or person so charged, that he may be brought before such judge or other magistrates, respectively, to the end that the evidence of criminality may be heard and considered.
Page 668 - And where a suit is now pending, or may be hereafter brought . in any state court, in which there is, a controversy between a citizen of the state in which the suit is brought and a citizen of another state, any defendant, being such citizen of another state, may remove such
Page 668 - Section 1. That the circuit courts of the United States shall have original cognizance, concurrent with the courts of the several states, of all suits of a civil nature, at common law or in equity, where the matter in dispute exceeds, exclusive of interest and costs, the sum or value of two thousand dollars, * * * in which there shall be a controversy between citizens of different states,
Page 394 - That the circuit and district courts of the United States are hereby invested with full and concurrent jurisdiction of all causes, civil and criminal, arising under any of the provisions of this act; and this act shall go into effect on the first day of April, eighteen hundred and ninety-one.
Page 622 - shall be levied, collected and paid on the importation of all raw or unmanufactured articles, not herein enumerated or provided for, a duty of ten per centum ad valorem; and on all articles manufactured, in whole or in part, not herein enumerated or provided for, a duty of twenty per centum ad valorem.
Page 424 - that the trustee shall be vested by operation of law with the title of the bankrupt as of the date he was adjudged a bankrupt, to all "(4) Property transferred by him in fraud of

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