The Fight of Every Believer: Conquering the Thought Attacks That War Against Your Mind

Harrison House, 2006 - 180 pages
Every Christian faces the same battle--the battle of thoughts. The enemy is constantly assailing the believer's mind with temptations including fear, pride, worry, lust, and doubt. But God has provided spiritual weapons to counteract these attacks. Terry Law, with over 25 years in worldwide ministry, reveals the "thought attacks" of the enemy set up to deceive believers, causing them to walk in hopelessness and defeat. He then unveils the mighty weapons available for every believer, including using specific Scriptures and promises, understanding the redemption in the blood of Jesus, and discovering the power in the name of "Jesus." Readers will journey with Terry behind the Iron Curtin, into Afghanistan, and to the war in Iraq for remarkable testimonies and reallife applications. If readers are going to be successful in their Christian walk, they must know their enemy and learn how to use their spiritual weapons.

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