The First 30: Guide to Your First Thirty Years

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Independently Published, May 19, 2018 - Self-Help - 173 pages
If you ever ask anyone that is older and experienced what they would have done differently in their life, 9 out of 10 times they will say something in their first 30 years of life (usually between 18-28). Most people describe their first 30 years of life as their most critical years as it sets that individual up for their future. Dustin Jones throughout life was always fascinated by hearing older people's successes, but also wanted to hear about their failures and what they would do differently in life. Through the author's life, he realized that most of his friends and family that were growing up with him made the same failures or mistakes in life along with having similar keys to success.Every individual has a unique life but most individual's cross similar difficult pathways. Many people when they get to the 30 are very busy with their life and can't document the past 30 years. Dustin Jones, wishing he had a book like this when he was growing up in life had a goal to write a book about the first 30 years to give younger people like him that option. He wrote the book on the cusp of 30 years of age to give a fresh perspective of the millennium first 30 years (which includes a guidebook).In this book, the author goes through real life events and topics such as:*Success and failure - If you become successful early on, that is great. Failure though is never far away. Failing is a fact of life. However, never ever underestimate the power of failing because one's failure can define us too.*Public speaking and building confidence - I believe these two skills go hand in hand. In life, it is like selling yourself to the world. Both public speaking and establishing confidence are vital attributes that will help you get ahead in life. For some people, these skills come naturally, but for most of us, we dread the thought of speaking in a one-on-one conversation or in front of many people.*Friendships and Relationships - Relationships can make or break you. One thing in life that is hard to teach, and even harder to understand, is anything that deals with the matters of the heart. No one is an expert in this area but the book goes through real life experiences with relationships and friendships to give a perspective of common events that happen in life.*Mentors - come in various shapes and sizes. Early in life, we have been honed by our first mentors--our parents. This is the main reason we all think like our parents. Afterwards, we meet other people that we admire and we do not care about whether they are successful or not. What matters to us is how they make an impact on us as individuals.*Taking advantage of the opportunities that come our way - Do not waste every good opportunity by spending too much on time-consuming activities. When you are in your twenties, this is the most important time in your life.*Setting your short- and long-term goals - I used to do things in a hurry and wanted to have everything in a snap. I used to set many things back because I did not place much importance on my own set of priorities.*Ability to value time - In spite of the technological advancements, life is still a chess game with many moving pieces.*Other topics about money, making budgets, and even vices are discussed at length. Getting the right balance about money matters is an essential part of achieving one's professional and financial success.Ideal for ages 18-28.

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