The First 50 Years

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Raechel Raffael longs to escape the oppressive marriage she was duped into by her husband, Sam. That "way out" is presented when Sam, about to testify before a Senate Crime Commission hearing, is assassinated. Witnessing the hideous murder, Raechel is shocked and distraught, and fearful that Sam's killer thinks she can identify him. When he is not found, terrified that he wants to silence her, too, she retreats from public scrutiny. Months go by. Valerie Halden, Raechel's best friend, intervenes insisting that Raechel go with her to Sanibel Island off the southwestern coast of Florida where Valerie, her husband, Jonas, and their four-year-old twins live. Hesitant, Raechel wonders if she is making a mistake turning her back on security, safety, and anonymity, or has she just been putting off the inevitable? Optimistic, she agrees to go. On Sanibel Island, Vittorio (Victor) di Maio is living the good life. An impressive and popular figure, he has created his own Camelot. Learning that Raechel is coming to live there as well, he is livid and wants nothing to do with her. They have a past, one that is secret from his treasured friends, Valerie and Jonas Halden. At their first encounter, Victor as he is known on the island and Raechel clash. He is feeling threatened. Raechel could cause his world to topple around him. She tells him she is not there to make trouble and wants only to forget the past and begin anew. Though skeptical, Victor suddenly finds that he needs Raechel. Now, it is she who is unwilling. Victor knows the right button to push where Raechel is concerned her love of singing. Spurred into action and inspired with new purpose, Raechel confronts her fears and reconsiders her priorities drawing on an inner strength that makes her think again her role in society, her role in life. Sam's killer lies in wait. He and Raechel are on a collision course and a chilling confrontation

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