The Fisherman's Magazine and Review, Volume 2

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Page 8 - On Lough Neagh's bank as the fisherman strays, When the clear, cold eve's declining, He sees the round towers of other days, In the wave beneath him shining! Thus shall memory often, in dreams sublime, Catch a glimpse of the days that are over, Thus, sighing, look through the waves of time For the long-faded glories they cover!
Page 154 - Beyond it, blooms the garden that I love. News from the humming city comes to it In sound of funeral or of marriage bells; And, sitting muffled in dark leaves, you hear The windy clanging of the minster clock; Although between it and the garden lies A league of grass, wash'd by a slow broad stream, That, stirr'd with languid pulses of the oar, Waves all its lazy lilies, and creeps on, Barge-laden, to three arches of a bridge Crown'd with the minster-towers.
Page 370 - Q,uand on n'a pas ce qu'on aime, II faut aimer ce qu'on a,' " said Edward ; " a doctrine of practical philosophy which I hope Miss Arundel has been practising. I doubt the polite disclaimer of weariness wichh she has smiled, and is about to say.
Page 44 - The minutes of the last meeting having been read and confirmed, the...
Page 98 - Then headlong shoots beneath the dashing tide, The trembling fins the boiling wave divide. Now hope exalts the fisher's beating heart, Now he turns pale, and fears his dubious art ; He views the tumbling fish with longing eyes, While the line stretches with th...
Page 107 - Of pendent trees, the monarch of the brook, Behoves you then to ply your finest art. Long time he, following cautious, scans the fly, And oft attempts to seize it, but as oft The dimpled water speaks his jealous fear.
Page 345 - A rod twelve feet long and a ring of wire, A winder and barrel, will help thy desire In killing a Pike : but the forked stick, With a slit and a bladder, — and that other fine trick, Which our artists call snap, with a goose or a duck, — Will kill two for one, if you have any luck ; The gentry of Shropshire do merrily smile, To see a goose and a belt the fish to beguile. When a Pike suns himself, and a-frogging doth go, The two-inched hook is better, I know, Than the ord'nary snaring. But still...
Page 6 - ... or, if no number be prescribed, of three members. Every question at a meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present and voting on that question, and in case of an equal division .of votes the chairman shall have a second or casting vote. The proceedings of the managers shall not be invalidated by any vacancy or vacancies in their number.
Page 4 - THAT from and after the justjcetat it shall be lawful for the Justices of the Peace assembled at any General or Quarter Sessions of the Peace, from time to time to appoint Conservators or Overseers for the Preservation of...
Page 325 - Recreations : containing a Discourse of the general Art of Fishing with the Angle, or otherwise : and of all the hidden Secrets belonging thereunto. Together with the Choyce, Ordering, Breeding, and Dyetting of the fighting Cocke, being a worke never in that nature handled by any former Author.

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