The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Great Britain: By Anne Pratt, Volume 2

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1855



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Pagina 157 - Motionless torrents! silent cataracts! Who made you glorious as the Gates of Heaven Beneath the keen full moon? Who bade the sun Clothe you with rainbows? Who, with living flowers Of loveliest blue, spread garlands at your feet? — God ! let the torrents, like a shout of nations, Answer! and let the ice-plains echo, God!
Pagina 121 - Here are sweet peas, on tip-toe for a flight : With wings of gentle flush o'er delicate white, And taper fingers catching at all things, To bind them all about with tiny rings.
Pagina 191 - THY fruit full well the school-boy knows, Wild bramble of the brake ! So, put thou forth thy small white rose ; I love it for his sake. Though woodbines flaunt and roses glow O'er all the fragrant bowers, Thou need'st not be ashamed to show Thy satin-threaded flowers...
Pagina xii - Try their thin wings and dance in the warm beam That waked them into life. Even the green trees Partake the deep contentment; as they bend To the soft winds, the sun from the blue sky Looks in and sheds a blessing on the scene.
Pagina 157 - Ye pine-groves, with your soft and soul-like sounds ! And they too have a voice, yon piles of snow, And in their perilous fall shall thunder, God!
Pagina 230 - ... and walk to some neighbouring wood, accompanied with music and the blowing of horns, where they broke down branches from the trees and adorned them with nosegays and crowns of flowers. This done, they returned...
Pagina 209 - Old garden rose-trees hedged it in, Bedropt with roses waxen-white Well satisfied with dew and light And careless to be seen. Long years ago it might befall, When all the garden flowers were trim, The grave old gardener prided him On .these the most of all.
Pagina 54 - Lotophagi) which whoso tastes, Insatiate riots in the sweet repasts, Nor other home nor other care intends, But quits his house, his country, and his friends...
Pagina 218 - ... forward in the name of God, graft, set, plant and nourish up trees in every corner of your ground ; the labour is small, the cost is nothing, the commodity is great ; yourselves shall have plenty, the poor shall have somewhat in time of want to relieve their necessity, and God shall reward your good minds and diligence.
Pagina 20 - Some glossy-leaved, and shining in the sun, The maple, and the beech of oily nuts Prolific, and the lime at dewy eve Diffusing odours : nor unnoted pass The sycamore, capricious in attire. Now green, now tawny, and ere autumn yet Have changed the woods, in scarlet honours bright.

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