The Forbidden Lord

Harper Collins, 2009/10/13 - 384 ページ

Jordan Willis, the Earl of Blackmore, has played with the heart of many a society belle—yet one stolen kiss impulsively planted on the soft, irresistible lips of the preacher's daughter proves his undoing. The prim and proper Emily Fairchild's innocent response sends desire surging through the notorious rake, and he can't forget her. Now, meeting Lady Emma Campbell, an outrageously flirtatious debutante, leaves the earl more shaken than ever—for the brazen beauty is an uncanny double of the sweet Emily!Emily cannot reveal the reason for her scandalous masquerade—not even to the earl whose heated embrace awakens a sizzling passion. Her very life depends on convincing society that she is Lady Campbell, yet no disguise can hide her dangerous attraction to the earl. But does "Cinderella' dare risk losing her handsome "prince" by revealing that she is just a country girl?


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LibraryThing Review

ユーザー レビュー  - Dawn772 - LibraryThing

Pretty good plot to this historical romance although it did include a typical hero who doesn't want to get married. The action moved right along with an exciting ending but the heroine was too ... レビュー全文を読む

LibraryThing Review

ユーザー レビュー  - theshadowknows - LibraryThing

The story of Emily Fairchild and Jordan Willis, Earl of Blackmore is a wonderful romance. Every moment they spend together, from their first kiss in the carriage, to Jordan's declaration of love at ... レビュー全文を読む


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著者について (2009)

At the tender age of twelve, Sabrina Jeffries decided she wanted to be a romance writer. It took her eighteen more years and a boring stint in graduate school before she sold her first book, but now her sexy and humorous historical romances routinely land on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists and have won several awards. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son, where she writes full-time and is working on her next novel.