The Future Age Beyond the New Age Movement

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THE FUTURE AGE BEYOND THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT reveals the NEW AGE MOVEMENT over 130 years. Successes and failures are described in different NEW AGE religious groups. This book contains the most important messages you can possibly read on this planet and the most important events on Earth in 75,000 years.

Influential leaders in the New Age Movement are Helena Blavatsky, Francia La Due, William Quan Judge, William David Dower, Ph.D., Godfrey Rey King, Rudolph Steiner Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Aleister Crowley, Dolores Cannon, Wynn Free, David Wilcox, Barbara Hand Clow, Michael Newton, Lyssa Royal and Ashayana Deane, etc. Part One focuses on the New Age Renaissance of 1966 through 1976. In Part Two we have explored the history of the New Age Movement through the 1970s and traced many of its most popular beliefs and practices to very ancient times. In Part Three we gave details about the Future Age Movement from 1987 to 2013.

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