The General Pattern of the Scientific Method (SM-14): A Flexible, Inclusive, and Creative General Problem-origination and -solving Method : for Originating, Preventing, Solving, and Challenging of Unusual, Complex, Unique, Or Ill-structured Problems and Decisions

N.W. Edmund, 1992 - 50 páginas
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Solve your problems faster & more efficiently! This illustrated book presents an easy-to-use guide using 14 ingredients to originate, solve, & challenge problems (& decisions) in all fields, including your personal life. Each ingredient is explained & suggests the methods to use under them. While the method (little known because of controversies in the educational field that interfered with its development) is called THE GENERAL PATTERN OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD (SM-14), it is not just for scientists--it is the basic way knowledge is refined & extended in all fields of endeavor. There are examples of how each ingredient was used for great discoveries & its application in choosing a career. You will find sound advice on how to prepare a self-development program & learn how to learn. To increase your innovation & creativity, there are cartoons illustrating how to be more productive in finding & originating ideas. This book will enable you to attain real world smarts & become happier & more successful! Order from Norman W. Edmund, 407 NE 3rd Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301. 305/525-7327; FAX 305/525-7459.

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