The General chronicle and literary magazine, 第 3 巻

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472 ページ - Our own felicity we make or find : With secret course, which no loud storms annoy, Glides the smooth current of domestic joy. The lifted axe, the agonizing wheel, Luke's iron crown, and Damien's bed of steel, To men remote from power but rarely known, Leave reason, faith, and conscience all our own.
141 ページ - Must stand acknowledged, while the world shall stand, The most important and effectual guard, Support and ornament of virtue's cause. There stands the messenger of truth : there stands The legate of the skies ! His theme divine, His office sacred, his credentials clear. By him the violated law speaks out Its thunders ; and by him, in strains as sweet As angels use, the gospel whispers peace.
497 ページ - Congress concerning the commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France and their dependencies...
54 ページ - Brahma has been established from the most remote antiquity in this secluded valley, where, in truth, there are nearly as many temples as houses, and as many idols as inhabitants, there not being a fountain, a river, or a hill within its limits, that is not consecrated to one or other of the Hindoo deities.
100 ページ - THAT the right of establishing and regulating the legal money of this kingdom hath at all times been a royal prerogative, vested in the Sovereigns thereof, who have from time to time exercised the same as they have seen fit, in changing such legal money, or altering and varying the value, and enforcing or restraining the circulation thereof, by proclamation, or in concurrence with the estates of the realm by Act of Parliament : and that such legal money cannot lawfully be defaced, melted down, or...
192 ページ - Clarke, your knights, esquires and yeomen about you in the third degree, and the worthiest men in your land to be called in before your Deemsters, if you will ask...
193 ページ - How sweet to the heart is the thought of to-morrow, When Hope's fairy pictures bright colours display ! How sweet when we can from futurity borrow...
372 ページ - Holydayes, they come and take one another by the hand ; the one of them saith, ' The Lord, or Christ, is risen...
371 ページ - Bless, O Lord, we beseech thee, this thy creature of eggs, that it may become a wholesome sustenance to thy faithful servants, eating it in thankfulness to thee, on account of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, with thee,.&c.
101 ページ - ... have frequently risen above the mint price ; and the coinage of money at the mint has been either wholly suspended or greatly diminished in amount ; and that such circumstances have usually occurred, when expensive naval and military operations have been carried on abroad ; and in times of public danger or alarm ; or when large importations of grain from foreign parts have taken place.